7 Refreshing (And Slightly Geeky) Ways To Meet New People In London

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If we made a new friend every time we had to stand uncomfortably close to someone’s armpit on the tube, we’d probably be the most popular person in England right now. Unfortunately, as you’re probably aware, this charmingly-charmless city of ours doesn’t quite work like that. The population of London may be hitting record highs but that doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to meet new people… Which is where Thinking Bob comes in.


Thinking Bob is an on and offline social community, which hosts over 60 different socials and events across London every month. Think of them as your most organised friend – the “social secretary” – but a lot less annoying. Through signing up to their website or downloading their app, you become part of the gang and can then attend a huge array of quirky (and ever so slightly geeky) Thinking Bob events. You can even become a host yourself! Now this is some organised fun we can really get behind… Once you’ve met new people through the socials you can then message them using the app, invite them into your social circle and…Bob’s your uncle! You’ve made new friends.


So what events have they got on offer? From murder mysteries to poker nights, let’s just say that when Thinking Bob is planning the party, it’s always going to involve more than just a pint at the pub (although pubs do feature heavily)… Here’s our selection of the best events coming up over the next month:


1. Talking to Strangers, 17 February

“I love awkward small talk,” said no one, ever. This event runs off the simple logic that small tables + topic cards = more interesting conversations! Put your faith in the cards and allow your chat to be determined by slightly more controversial conversation-starters than “sooo, what type of music do you listen to”? This event is the perfect ice-breaker for anyone new to Thinking Bob and is a sure-fire way to meet a few new friendly faces.

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2. Uncover the Science Museum, 20 February

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So much more than just a trip to the Science Museum, at this event you’ll be using your brain (and your phone) to work out puzzles and clues as you navigate your way around a 2-hour hunt through one of the best museums in London. Coming alone is no biggie – you’ll be put into groups when you arrive and luckily all paths converge at the local pub, where the winner will be announced and you’ll be able to laugh at all the photos you’ve taken along the way.

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3. Conversation Cafe, 21 February

If there’s one thing we love more than really good conversation, it’s really good cake. Luckily at this social the two come together in a totally winning combination. Interesting QI facts will be provided, along with some fun conversation-starters to make the mingling even easier. Oh and tea. Because you can’t have cake without tea.

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4. The Last Bob Standing Gameshow, 25 February


Inspired by the hit gameshows Who Dares Wins, 15 to 1 and our personal favourite, Pointless – this will be an all-thinking, all-smiling, non-stop gameshow extravaganza. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a pub quiz pro then this could definitely be your time to shine. The rules are pretty simple: the longer you’re in, the more you’ll win. (But remember, you are here to make friends)…

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5. You’re Fired! The Apprentice Street Game, 27 February


If you’re the type of person that feels totally enraged whilst watching The Apprentice, screaming at the buffoons on the TV whilst swearing that you’d be able to do a better job, this is the perfect opportunity for you to prove yourself right. Each team will be given some Brixton Pounds by ‘Lord Sweetener’ and assigned various tasks and challenges to complete within the time limit. From bargain hunting to brainstorming (and with a lot of business jargon thrown in between), we can guarantee you won’t have done anything like this in London before…

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6. Hackney Wick Tour, 5 March

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Take a trip to the coolest part of London with the founder of Art Map London who will be your guide on this afternoon of arts and culture. So much more than just “Shoreditch’s younger brother”, Hackney Wick has emerged as a buzzing hotspot for local artists, musicians, brewers and boatmen over the last decade. Dive right into the heart of it, with exciting visits to artists’ studios, a stroll along the canal and a session in the local craft beer brewery.

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7. Friday Night Poker, 11 March

What’s your poker face? There will be plenty of time to practise it at this night, where both beginners and pros are welcome for an evening of card playing in one of East London’s coolest venues. Could there really be a better way to get to know someone? Because once you’ve called their bluff face, you basically know them inside out…

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Intrigued? We’re not surprised. With over 10,000 profiles on the website and 60 events per month, we couldn’t really think of a better way to meet new people, exercise your brain cells and try totally new experiences. And the best part? Your first month on Thinking Bob is totally FREE.

Start your free trial and join Thinking Bob today! 

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