10 Photos Of Princess Charlotte That Prove She Is The Coolest Royal


Step aside Prince George, your little sister has officially melted our hearts. You’re still the sassiest (always), but in these newly released photos (3 and 4), Princess Charlotte, now 6 months old, is so cute it actually hurts our hearts. She’s also pretty cool – just look at her chilling with her nonchalant looks and cuddly toys – making her and big brother George an unstoppable pair of royal rugrats.

WARNING: broody people, look away now…


1. When Prince George was still trying to steal the show and she didn’t mind at all.
And only a fortnight old!


2. When she attempted a mini fist-pump (undoubtedly in celebration of the fact that she has the coolest mum).


3. When she looked adoringly into the distance with her daddy’s big blue eyes.



4. When this happened.
Aahhh, so CUTE!


5. When she looked totally chilled in a bonnet surrounded by photographers.


6. When she donned the most enviable eyelashes to her own Christening…



7. When she totally rocked the whole ‘growing up thing’…



8. When she claimed the prime position in this family photo.
9. When she went to the French Alps before the age of one…
10. And had the snow bunny look down to a t.


Keep up the good work, Charlotte!

We couldn’t have done it without you, Liz – Queen of Sass as always.

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