7 Life-Saving Ways Londoners Can Hide Their Hangover At Work

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7 Life-Saving Ways Londoners Can Hide Their Hangover At Work

It’s the festive season and that can only mean one thing: Hangovers. Lots of them.

We all have to suffer the consequences of our actions (since when did a hangover last 3 days?). But rather than taking a (perhaps more sensible) pre-emptive cure towards your hangover, we’ve instead decided to bring you Rebel Kitchen’s best hints and tips for masking the night before at work.

Take note guys. This is the most important thing you’ll read today.


1. Look presentable

Disguise your internal pain with a carefully considered exterior. Shower. Scrub. Select a nice outfit. We suggest smart-casual (pj’s with suede shoes aren’t a thing). Ensure your breath’s tip-top minty fresh.


2. …But don’t overdo it

No one’s suggesting you rock up to the office in last night’s clothes but make the efforts to hide your hangover subtle. Don’t make this the first day you decide to wear eau du musk to work. It’ll only rouse suspicion. And it might make you queasy.


3. De-puff the eyes

They’ll be your biggest giveaway. Since sunglasses indoors are a touch obvious (as are cucumber slices) buy eye drops instead. Apply liberally throughout the day.


4. Stay low-key

You have limited mental capacity. Lie low and commit to solitary tasks today. Clear your inbox, do your expenses, tidy your desk area. Where possible, avoid all others. For their sake and yours.


5. Be semi-sociable with colleagues

If step (4) fails, try Plan B. Contribute minimal small talk about what a boring night you had (lies) then surreptitiously deflect all debauched chat onto others. Winner.


6. Drink coconut water, not Berocca

Because there’s never a more obvious way to show you’re hanging than with a giant glass of alka-seltzer on your desk. Be inconspicuous.



7. Don’t drink the night before

Obviously a joke – too late for that #hindsight. Worth it for the fun that was had? ‘Course it was. Till next year…


P.S Fancy a hamper full of Rebel Kitchen’s hydrating, hangover-curing coconut water delivered to your office post-Christmas party? Check out our Instagram competition here.

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