7 Giant Monopoly Houses Are Popping Up In King’s Cross

If you’re passing Granary Square in King’s Cross at some point this week, you might start wondering if you’ve been hit by a shrink-ray and have consequently become involved in a life-size game of Monopoly. Depending on what kind of substances you’ve been taking, it’s probably nothing to be too concerned about; you’re likely to be passing designjunction2016. Popping up in London between 22nd and 25th September, this instalment is part of the annual London Design Festival, which is running for a fair chunk of September.

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As part of the programme, these seven giant Monopoly-style houses will be filled with different conceptual installations, creative projects and live activities. Each house, designed by creative director Michael Sodeau, will be taken over by leading brands from across varying design disciplines and will offer visitors different experiences. You’ll also be able to gape at the spectacular 70m long by 7m high façade, which will frame the entrance to Cubitt House. TfL will be one of the big names there, bringing with them a giant Twitter machine! The machine will be stamping out Tweets in Johnson type and printing them onto paper – old skoooool style. For more information, visit the designjunction website.

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