7 Friends You Need To Have To Spice Up Your London Life

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It’s a big city and you can’t tackle it alone…


1. The One That Befriends Promoters

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Having a friend who’s willing to deal with nightclub promoters is the hassle-free way to get on the guest list. Free entry, free table, complete with cheap champagne and hazardous sparklers…somewhere in Mayfair or Soho? Sure, you’ll tag along…


2. The Ultimate Foodie

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You could swear that they spend more time trying grub than they do at work, but they’re your go-to-pal when you need a quick, easy or cheap place to eat. And if your friends fail to feed you – fear not! – Secret London offer a shoulder to lean on. Have a look at our favourite street food markets. (You’re welcome). 


3. The London Hater


We all like moaning about London from time to time, but this friend does their best to avoid the city, its people and life at all costs. And that’s perfect if you want to hide away for a night, eat cookies while watching the GBBO and think up ways to get revenge on the man that barked at you on the tube that morning.


4. The Newbie

Fresh-faced and bright-eyed (and yet to experience tube strikes), this friend reminds you why you fell in love with the city in the first place. Plus, they’re probably new to Uber too (so remember to take that promotional free £10 fare!)


5. The Gym Nut


It’s been a long working week and all you can think about is pizza, beer and definitely not exercise. But sometimes you need someone to drag your sorry ass out to try the latest fitness craze, be it neon-dance-spinning-parties or morning workout raves or whatever else hides exercise behind a pretence of ‘fun’.


6. The One Living On The Other Side Of Town

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So you have a sofa to crash on when you’ve missed the last tube, you’re a long way from home and the night bus just ain’t happening. 


7. The One With A Cool Job…

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Which you sometimes might envy, but when they take you to events and gigs, give you free samples or sneakily treat you to lunch on the company card, you’re glad to have them around.


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