6 (Slightly) Sensual Ways To Spice Up Your London Love Life

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6 (Slightly) Sensual Ways To Spice Up Your London Love Life

We can’t speak for everyone…but we also kind of can. It’s the fourth weekend of 2016, your paycheck is so near (but yet so…achingly…far) and you’re nursing a particularly hefty hangover after drowning Dry January in gin and tonic last night. Let’s just say, we’re not feeling our sassiest at the moment. But don’t let this attitude seep its way into your love life. Whether you’re single or 5 years deep into a relationship, there’s always a way to have a little bit more fun. And as always, London’s your answer.


1. Go to a burlesque show at the Looking Glass Cocktail Club


Before you get your knickers in a twist, let’s just clarify what a live Jazz and Burlesque show entails. For one, there’s nothing seedy about it. It’s all about exaggeration, parody, theatre, celebration of the female form and yep, a strip-tease or two. But NO naked naughtiness. The Flamingo Room put on great shows at super trendy Shoreditch speakeasy, the Looking Glass Cocktail Club. Their next event is on 18 February at 19.30 and if you keep your eyes on the Fever app, you’ll be able to purchase your tickets soon. The spectacle will see Didi Dierriere, Senorita Scarlett and their sexiest friends performing alongside sensational live jazz from Gabriel Piers-Mantell & Band. Fun for all to watch, it’s the perfect event to attend with your partner – and you might learn a trick or two 😉


2. Eye gaze at a silent speed dating night

Shhh… No really, be quiet. [Getty Images]
Not one for awkward small talk? How about skipping it altogether? Now now, we don’t mean like that, we mean starting with eye contact and then seeing where the night takes you… Believing that the eyes are the window to the soul, Shhh Dating organise silent speed dating nights in London, which involve non-verbal flirting games and a LOT of eye gazing. It’s either a recipe for success or total disaster, and if you find tube journeys awkward enough then you might want to avoid this one. But there’s no denying that no-talking can be kind of sensual… Go on, we dare ya.


3. Meditate your way to a more intense…don’t make us say it


So we all know that strengthening your pelvic floor muscles can improve a woman’s, um, happy moment, and we’ve been desperately downward dogging in an attempt to reach ‘yogasm’ ever since. But have you heard of Orgasmic Meditation? TurnOn London hold a variety of workshops across the capital designed to help people focus on and become more aware of the feelings they’re experiencing during a sexual moment. Not only is it supposed to improve individuals’ intimate lives but it’s also said to reduce stress and enhance general well being – so it’s healthy too!


4. Mingle at an event run by The Inner Circle


So much more than a dating app (with a rather suspect name), The Inner Circle throw their own parties in London to take the pressure off one-on-one meet-ups. This month they’re taking over Beaufort House, a rather swanky members club in Chelsea, where there will be Dark and Stormys served all night and a saxophonist to get you in the mood. The bad news is that this event has already sold out (kudos to them) but luckily The Inner Circle plan monthly parties for their members – just enough time for you to sign up and get chatting to a few users. Not only do the events provide a safer environment for you to get to know potential online suitors, they’re also great for networking and an ideal place to meet like-minded Londoners. The only catch? There’s a rather lengthy waiting list to join the club and you’ve got to have your application approved by their team of dating experts. We’ll leave you to decide how you feel about that one… Join the community by signing up here!


5. Don’t spend the night in a hotel…spend it in a Finnish Log House

[Log House Holidays]
We said London was the answer but sometimes it can also be the root of the problem… Forget a night in a glam city hotel, how about a weekend retreat at a gorgeous traditional Finnish log house just 1 hour and a half from London? Jump on the train from Paddington to Moreton-in-Marsh and before you know it, you’ll be deep in the beautiful English countryside. The Cotswolds is the perfect place for long, rambling walks, stress-free (and traffic-free) cycle rides and a fantastic selection of ‘proper’ pubs. If you need some secluded, lakeside bliss, then check out Log House Holidays. You can stay in one of eight traditional Finnish log houses, complete with beautiful wooden panelling, private hot tub, access to the lake and rowing boats. If that doesn’t inject a bit of magic into your relationship, we don’t know what will.


6. Attend an Erotica Slam in Croydon


The rather aptly named, Dirty Sexy Words, run monthly literature slams at the Bad Apple (another excellent appellation) in Croydon. Male and female erotica authors stand up and read their friskiest fiction out loud to a crowd of, um, *eager* fans… If you’re the type of person that still giggles at “Cockfosters”, then this might not be the best event for you but there’s no denying that an evening listening to naughty words is a sure-fire way to pump a bit of fun into a deflated love life. For all those willing to give it a whirl, keep an eye on their Facebook page, which they’ll update with their events as and when they arise.

Featured Image Credit: Dimitar Hristov, Instagram @dimitar_hr

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