5 Ways To Feel Fabulous, Glowing (And In The Mood To Get Nude) For Summer In London

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5 Ways To Feel Fabulous, Glowing (And In The Mood To Get Nude) For Summer In London

London’s on the cusp of summer (as much as the weather is fighting against it). With the rising heat, we’re going to be spotting a lot more flesh around the city. Don’t get us wrong, we love all bodies – hairy or not – but for those of you who are impartial to the smooth and  sleek look, we’ve got a the perfect solution for every body part. There’s a new pamper parlour on the block – aptly named the Beauty Block – in Chelsea. The Beauty Block combines Browhaus (brow and lash services), Ministry of Waxing (waxing, naturally) and A Wanted Man (a cafe serving up fantastic espresso and nourishing food), to make up an incredible one-stop powerhouse that will have you looking and feeling sassy and glowing after a single trip. Below are 5 ways the Beauty Block will help you prep.


1. Get your brows ‘on fleek’

There is no better place to get a perfectly arched brow than Browhaus. They offer a range of services to get your brows fantastically on fleek, from threading to ‘brow resurrection’. For the brow-conscious amongst you, it’s your lucky day – The Beauty Block are offering Secret London readers the chance to pay only £10 for eyebrow threading (which is usually £18)!



2. Wax Away Winter

For those of you who are a fan of the bare-down-there look, the Ministry of Waxing offer a wide selection of services – there really isn’t an area they won’t wax! The talented and extremely professional staff will ensure that your treatment is as relaxing and as painless as possible (a bit of wincing is, of course, necessary for a fabulously pruned foof). SL readers can also pop in a cheeky Brazilian for only £30.


3. Nourish Your Insides

After all that time on the treatment bed, it’s probably best to re-energize your body and soul. The Beauty Block knows that there’s no better way to get your body glowing than through your gut, which is why, on top of serving up brilliant espresso, A Wanted Man also have a delectable menu of nourishing food. If the Sweet ‘N’ Salty Sourdough Waffles (with salted peanut cream and blueberry jam) doesn’t tempt you enough, the fact that Secret London readers get 10% off the bill should certainly do the trick!



4. Lash Up

Browhaus’s Lash in Bloom is a semi-permanent eyelash extension treatment, which will leave you wide-eyed and dazzling (with amazement and beauty, of course). They feel super comfortable, giving your lashes a fuller, but still natural look and are guaranteed to last up to 4 weeks. Plus, you can get a complimentary infill within 7 days. If you hate wearing make up on the beach, but want that extra sparkle, lash extensions are definitely the way forward.


5. Men-overs

Don’t feel we’re missing out the gentlemen in this post – The Beauty Block have plenty of services to offer the men of London. From Boyzilians (yes, they’re a thing) to ousting unwanted nostril hairs, the Beauty Block will leave you feeling clean-cut and rejuvenated.

If you do make your way to The Beauty Block in Chelsea, make sure you let them know you’re a Secret London reader and you’ll receive double loyalty stamps after your treatment. Don’t say we don’t treat you well 😉

330 King’s Rd, Chelsea, SW3 5UR

Featured Image credit: Instagram @icreatelife_

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