6 Snazzy Things To Do In Shoreditch In August

Georgie Darling Georgie Darling

6 Snazzy Things To Do In Shoreditch In August

No matter whether you’re craving a cocktail or fancy seeing some art, we’ve got you covered.

Shoreditch is renowned for its eclectic mix of street art, vintage clothing stores and great music venues (as well as a bunch of really great restaurants). No matter which corner you turn, you’ll find something fun to fill your evening. See our top picks below…

Drink – TT Liquor


Hot weather calls for a cocktail (or two) and what better way to drink the night away than with some expertly crafted drinks? TT Liquor is playing host to one night of Naked Grouse’s forward-thinking #12NightsOfTheFuture series and it promises to delight your taste buds. The team at TT Liquor are looking at the continuing development of drink creation methods – all the work here will be done in the prep. The use of sous-vide, fruit-loaf infusions, pre-batching flavoured sodas and more is where TT Liquor see the future of Scotch cocktails. The event takes place on August 4th and isn’t ticketed – just remember to turn up! You can find out more about the rest of the events here. ⭐️ Sponsored ⭐️

Eat – Ballie Ballerson


The words “unlimited pizza” will bring a smile to most people’s faces and Ballie Ballerson promises just that. London’s first ball pit is the ultimate adult playground with more than a million balls and retro sweetie cocktails to match. Jump into the main ball pit for hours of fun or book out the private pit for you and your friends. Worry not about dietary requirements, because Ballie Ballerson can cater for everything from gluten free, to dairy free or vegan customers.

See – Hundred Years Gallery


The Hundred Years Gallery is the place to head to check out upcoming artists’ work. It might not hold the works of Monet or Van Gogh but you’ll find colourful ink calligraphy art in emoji shapes and live jazz for afters. Featuring new artists every month (and sometimes even more frequently) it’s an easy way to inject some culture into your month without setting you back too much, the gallery is free to enter and the music events will only set you back a fiver.

Watch – Rooftop Film Club


Can you tell we’re trying to spend every waking moment outside while this sunshine lasts? Queen of Hoxton hosts a regular rooftop film night showing everything from recent releases like The Shape of Water to old classics like Dirty Dancing. Grab some snacks, head upstairs and sit back and be transported to another world for a few hours with the wind in your hair.

Relax – Netil360


Hear us out here, because Netil360 might be a short bus way away from Shoreditch but it’s a hidden secret that’s well worth the journey. Nestled on top of a generic high-rise office block is the rooftop bar of dreams. At night, watch the sunset and admire the views from many storeys up. But during the day, Netil360 is the perfect place to chill out for a few hours. Bring a good book and breathe in the (slightly) fresher air from above. It quite literally takes “co-working space” to a whole new level.

Night time – Bounce


If you thought ping pong was reserved for family holidays then we’re sorry to tell you but… you’re wrong. Get a group together and reserve a table for a night of glow in the dark “Wonderball”a completely new immersive activity that combines a giant computer game with traditional ping pong. Order a drink from their diverse cocktail menu and get stuck in. Believe it or not, the actual game requires very little skill, meaning that even the least coordinated of your friends will have a great time.

Alternatively, if you just want to go for a nice meal in any month of the year, take a look at these brilliant Shoreditch restaurants.

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