6 Of London’s Cosiest Wine Bars Because It’s ‘Drink Wine’ Day

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It’s National Drink Wine Day… in America. But, just like with anything else, we didn’t want Londoners to feel excluded, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to make it a thing across the entire world. So Happy Drink Wine Day! Here are a few places you could (*should) go to celebrate…


1. Sager + Wilde

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Sager + Wilde have two venues in east London; a restaurant and a wine bar. But since we’re talking about wine, their venue in Hackney focuses on fine wine, charcuterie and grilled cheese sandwiches. Go on… give us one reason why you wouldn’t want to go here?

Various locations. 


2. The Remedy

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Run by two friends, The Remedy is the place to go if you’re after great wine and a great atmosphere. They don’t claim to be doctors, but they did call themselves ‘The Remedy’ because they believe wine can fix anything. We agree. If wine isn’t the answer, you’re asking the wrong questions…

124 Cleveland Street, W1T 6PG


3. Vagabond

Three words: interactive wine menus. Vagabond offer a self-service wine experience where you can choose your wine at the push of a button.

Various locations. 


4. Gordon’s Wine Bar

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Gordon’s is London’s oldest wine bar, and it has all the vino you could wish for and more. (There’s also cheese. Lots and lots of cheese). 

47 Villiers St, WC2N 6NE


5. The 10 Cases

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So called because they only ever get 10 cases of the wines on their shortlist. This is to make sure they’re always trying new things, and not sticking to the same old bottles. There’s also only 10 tables. It really is 10/10. Hahaha. Haha. Ha.

Seven Dials, 16 Endell St, WC2H 9BD



6. Noble Rot

Noble Rot has an award-winning wine list, including some rare gems as well as some totally underrated bottles.

51 Lamb’s Conduit Street, WC1N 3NB


Feature Image: Gordon’s Wine Bar

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