6 Heavenly Food Joints For Meat-Loving Londoners

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6 Heavenly Food Joints For Meat-Loving Londoners

We’ve found six of London’s best restaurants for meat lovers.

Sorry to exclude you veggies, but this one’s for the carnivores.

1. Sagardi

We’ve heard from a very trustworthy source that Sagardi do an “outrageously good steak” (or txuletón as it is traditionally called). They serve good, honest food flown straight from San Sebastián and cooked by established Basque chefs. Food is an extremely important part of Basque culture and you can certainly tell — there’s absolutely no skimping where Sagardi’s concerned. The restaurant graced Spain and South America first, but now we have our own branch in the gastronomical land of Shoreditch. Shoreditch, Spain… they’re almost the same thing. The menu is perfect for meat geeks, and you’ll find a lustrous selection of duck, pork, beef, as well as a fabulous choice of fresh fish. They’re also big on their wine and their cider, and the waiters will expertly match it to your food.

95 Cordy House, Curtain Road, Shoreditch, EC2A3BS

2. Suvlaki

If you ever find yourself pottering about Soho not knowing where to eat, then let us nudge you in the direction of 21 Bateman Street. Great service, great wine, impeccable food, and a seat that you will absolutely not want to leave (because you’ll want to stay for more food, not because it’s especially comfortable). From the minute you spot the restaurant, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting: nothing short of proper Athenian food. The in(and ex)terior is quirky and intimate and the menu is one of those ones that’ll have you umming and ahhing and “just two more minutes”ing for perhaps a little bit too long. Trust us though, whatever decision you make will be a good one. Of course they pride themselves on their suvlaki (and rightly so), but they also have a range of tasty signature dishes, including feta-stuffed Greek burgers, kebabs and moussaka. It’s a winner in our books, but we highly recommend trying it for yourselves. Better book though because there’s only 34 seats and they fill up fast! Here’s a link.

21 Bateman St, Soho, W1D 3AL or 161 Brick Lane, E1 6SB

3. Flat Iron

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Flat Iron is the perfect answer to “Where can I get a decent steak in London without spending my life’s wages?”. At Flat Iron you’ll pay £10. FOR STEAK. And not even a crappy may-as-well-have-gone-to-Wetherspoons kind of steak… we’re talking proper meaty if-you-ask-for-well-done-you’re-offending-us kind of steak. Okay so you might want some chips or some greenery on the side, but you’re paying £10 for the steak. Okay, okay, we’ll stop going on about it now. But seriously, go here, there’s free popcorn (and even that’s meaty).  

Various locations.

4. STAKEHaus


Steak from a van isn’t something that’s done very often, but we reckon that STAKEHaus would be leaders of the market even if it was. They’re all about serving the best British beef to happy hungry customers for an absolute steal of a price. Top it with some secret STAKEHaus sauce and/or a fried egg and we promise you’ll have no regrets. You can find them at KERB in Camden, 7 days a week for 364 days of the year. Oh and they do bloody good chips, too.

KERB Camden, Camden Market, West Yard, Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8AF

5. Belpassi Bros

We’re having a ball @belpassibros

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We’re Tooting for Belpassi Bros’ meaty balls! Inspired by a trip around Italy, two brothers have made their dream a reality. After spending some time perfecting the art of the meatball and testing the waters at street food markets, the boys have now set up a permanent base in Tooting. They’ve got beef balls, lamb balls, pork balls, beef and pork balls… they’ve even got chickpea and kale balls (but we’re meant to be focusing on the meat here). Take our word for it, they’re grand.

70 Tooting High Street, Tooting, SW17 0RN

6. Moo

[Moo Cantina]
The name is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but you absolutely cannot go wrong with the steak at Moo (unless you’re the type who asks for it well-done). The interior is groovy, the meat is mighty, and they also have incredible Argentinian wine. Plus you can get 20% off your steak on Tuesdays.

Various locations. 

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