6 Healthy Brunches That Laugh In The Face Of The Full English

Emily Laurier Emily Laurier

6 Healthy Brunches That Laugh In The Face Of The Full English

Every Sunday morning you get that urge to fill your hungover self with that big greasy fry-up: the more fat, the better, right? No. Resist. Yes, it tastes good, and yes, the merging of sloppy beans, runny eggs and meaty sausages never disappoints, but what if it could taste good and actually be good for you? Craziness, I know… In London, there are an abundance of breakfast and brunch venues to choose from when you hit your hungover peak, so we’ve put together a list of our faves:


1) Plum and Spilt Milk ££££

A good starting point is Plum & Spilt Milk in King’s Cross – with inventive dish names like the ‘morning sundae’ this is a brunch spot that will ease you into your new healthy self. In no time you will be jumping with joy at the sight of their buckwheat crepes and avocado on toast (which are actually really, really good).

St Pancras Station, Pancras Rd, King’s Cross, London N1C 4TB


2) The Good Life Eatery ££££

If you’re starting to feel more confident about being confronted by a list of brunch options that doesn’t happen to contain the phrase ‘full English’ anywhere, you might want to try The Good Life Eatery. Just one mouthful of their ‘so­-fresh and so-­clean’ brunch and you will realise the glorious effects that a healthy brunch can have as a hangover cure. The combination of red and white quinoa, sweet potato, kale and spinach will do wonders for that groggy feeling whilst the addition of poached eggs means that you don’t miss out on that all-important runny yoke.

59 Sloane Ave, London SW3 3DH


3) The Natural Kitchen, various locations ££££ (try Marylebone for the healthiest selection)

The Natural Kitchen in Marylebone is a healthy brunch heaven. Get aroused by the ‘All Day Brunch’ which includes the healthy but oh-­so satisfying smoked mackerel on toast. If you’re feeling confident, boldly venture to the salad counter (A.K.A ‘Build Your Own Lunch’) where you can test your new-found knowledge by selecting one dish, such as chicken or salmon, and two salads. Their choice of smoothies will accompany your natural brunch perfectly.

77/78 Marylebone High Street, London, W1U 5JX


4) Wild Food Cafe ££££

Hidden away in Covent Garden, the Wild Food Cafe is a calm yet vibrant place to enjoy a healthy meal. The menu consists of natural but filling brunch dishes which, to be honest, are a lot more exciting than the (dare I say it) predictable bacon sarnie. Try the ‘Wild Pizza Special’, made with a butternut and almond base, or for the wilder brunch­ers, go with the ‘Wild Special’ (we won’t say what’s in that). The addition of ‘Wild’ to every dish name is appreciated too.

1st Floor, 14 Neal’s Yard, Covent Graden, London WC2H 9DP


5) Tanya’s Cafe ££££

Tanya’s Cafe prides itself on ‘raw living’, ideal for the healthy brunch you are searching for. The ‘Grawnola’ is a crunchy, and – significantly – raw, light choice that will leave you feeling satisfied without the overly-­full feeling from that standard fry-up. Plus, you may still have room for their spirulina energy balls that you can be sure will give you a needed lift.

35 Ixworth Pl, London SW3 3QX


6) Nama Foods ££££

A visit to Nama Foods is an absolute must for some of the best quality raw brunch dishes in London. Choose the tasty, delicious porridge with coconut, dates, almonds, apple and more. While you’re there, go for the pancakes and ice cream. Yep, that’s right. Pancakes with ice cream, for brunch. Before you get too concerned about making up excuses to have such an indulgent combination, it’s made with completely healthy walnuts and bananas and topped with berry coulis. Win win.

110 Talbot Road, London W11 1JR


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