6 Of The Spookiest And Most Haunted Places In London

London’s most haunted underground stations may send shivers down your spine, but we’re really going to put the ‘wee’ in your Halloween with this list of haunted buildings in London. From children’s hospitals and haunted pubs to the big daddy Tower of London itself – take a trip to some of these places for a particularly creepy Halloweekend!


1. 50 Berkeley Square

Supposedly the most haunted building in London, (according to Charles Harper in his 1913 book ‘Haunted Houses’), the tall black town house at number 50 Berkeley Square once played home to PM George Canning. It’s not the former PM who is said to haunt the halls, however, but rather a Mr Meyers, who was thought to have been jilted by his fiancé, leading him to become a recluse. The story goes that Mr Meyers locked himself alone in the small room at the top of house, only coming out at night by the flicker of candle light. OoooOoOOo.

50 Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London W1J 5BA 
2. The Flask
As well as boasting a gorgeous roasting fireplace, this north London pub is home to a few creepier tenants. Not one but two spectres are thought to haunt The Flask. Apparently a young Spanish barmaid who hanged herself haunts the seating area whilst a male ghoul sporting a Cavalier uniform haunts the bar… so it looks like all the bases are covered here! Let’s just hope the fire can keep you warm against those ghostly chills!

77 Highgate W Hill, Camden, London N6 6BU


3. Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children

Although closing in 1998, this Bethnal Green children’s hospital originally opened in 1866 after an outbreak of cholera. The huge, abandoned building itself looks as if it has come straight from an episode of Scooby Doo with its tall, thin windows and weathered dead tree outside. Perhaps haunted by the ghosts of its young patients, this building is certainly enough to keep you awake at night.


4. The Tower of London

This 900 year old fortress is the most classic building that comes to mind when we think of haunted London. Could it possibly be due to the thousands of executions and grizzly ghost stories linked to the Tower? Yeah, that’s probably it. One of the most historically famous tales of murder and foul play associated with the Tower of London is the story of the Princes in the Tower. The young royal brothers Edward V and Richard Shrewsbury were locked in the tower and left to die, thought to be a plot by Richard III to seize the Throne. The ghosts of the murdered boys are thought to wander the Tower of London looking for revenge. We told you it was grizzly!

The Tower of London, EC3N 4AB 


5. Greenwich Foot Tunnel

[flickr: neiljs]
This foot tunnel runs beneath the river Thames. The public highway and free walk-through that connects the Isle of Dogs and Greenwich was opened in 1902 and has served as a spooktacular way to cross the river ever since. Although there are no known ghosts pacing this tunnel, you wouldn’t want to find yourself here alone. The tunnel is 370 meters long and definitely very eerie… the echoing footsteps, slowly leaking ceiling and grungy feel to the walk-way may frighten you more than intended. Maybe stick to the tube next time.

The Isle of Dogs / Greenwich London SE10 9HT


6. The Spaniard’s Inn

This 16th century boozer – one of the oldest pubs in London – definitely won the heart of Charles Dickens, however others have not been quite as warmed by the pub’s charm. The legend goes that co-owners and founders Francesco and Juan Porero fought over the affection of a woman and Juan was killed as a result. He was buried in the garden of the Inn and his ghost has supposedly haunted the building ever since. So just be careful as you tuck into your fish and chips or Sunday roast… you might have an unexpected guest!

The Spaniard’s Inn Spaniards Rd, London NW3 7JJ 

Feature Image: Flickr / Sophia Spurgin


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