5 Fool-Proof Ways To Forget Valentine’s Day Exists In London

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For all you strong independent Londoners who don’t need nobody (and don’t need an over-commercialised holiday telling you to spend money on someone else either!), take the money you’re not wasting on another person and spend it on No. 1… YOURSELF. Try new things, self-indulge and have a fabulous time this February. Because why the hell wouldn’t you?!


1. Anti-Valentine’s at The Zetter Townhouse

[Zetter Townhouse]
This Valentine’s Day, the Zetter Townhouse Cocktail Lounges will be casting a shadow upon all loved-up couples. The gorgeous Georgian hotels, located in both Marylebone and Clerkenwell, will be offering complimentary cocktails to every party of three. You can choose between the specially concocted Gooseberry Kir or the aptly named Third Wheel. So gather your two besties – or attach yourself to a more bearable couple – and help break the terrible tradition of two!


2. Dinner at Dans le Noir?


Don’t let soppy glances and unnecessary hand touching stop you dining out at the weekend. Instead, book yourself a table at Dans le Noir?, in Clerkenwell, where you can rely upon its complete darkness to shield you from the sight of Valentine’s Day. Indulge in the temporary blindness; savour the flavours of unseen food. Unfortunately, your lack of vision won’t block out the forced romantic babble from nearby tables. Perhaps bring earplugs?


3. For the Love of Friends @ Flight Club

[Flight Club Darts]
This social darts club near Old Street has hit the anti-Valentine’s Day bullseye. On the 13th and 14th, Flight Club are giving away a free sharing cocktail with any group who book an ‘oche’ (separate areas where you can chill, drink and play darts with your pals). If you’ve never picked up a dart in your life, now’s the time. Transfer any negative, hateful energy you have for Valentine’s day and give the dartboard all you’ve got; pierce its heart; throw that pin and make it hurt; imagine it’s your ex-boyfriend’s irritating face… you get the drift.


4. Murder Mile Tours

[Murder Miles]
Escape the horror of love with something a little more bearable – a walking tour of Soho’s most notorious murder cases. Let the hilarious tour guide, Michael (pictured above), tell you the terrible tales of the city’s streets. They’re running a both regular Valentine’s Day (gross) and an Anti-Valentine’s Day tour. Each are 2 hours long and manage to squeeze 18 gruesome murder stories into a single mile… Oh London, you are a city of true romance. For more information and to book your place, check out their website.


5. Be The One You Love Workshop

[Gazelli House]
Replenish your love of self this Valentine’s Day by making your way to Gazelli House, a serene and tranquil space dedicated to your wellbeing. Situated in South Kensington, the spa not only offers a range of personalised skin and facial treatments, but also dedicates itself to inspiring and rejuvenating your mind. They run various workshops to help enhance your mindfulness and positivity. ‘Be the One You Love‘, led by Simon Berkowitz on Friday 26th February, will help you realise the beauty that already lies within, while ‘Learn To Love Your Voice‘, held on Tuesday 23rd February, aims to help you decode, understand and love your own tone and inflection. Download Fever to buy your tickets.


For those who do wish to celebrate Valentine’s Day (it’s alright for some) have a look at these ideas

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