6 Fantastic Things To Do In London That You Won’t Believe Are Under £5

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6 Fantastic Things To Do In London That You Won’t Believe Are Under £5

We’re half way through January, and the bank account is still trying to keep it’s head above the surface of positivity with all its might. Every tube journey, every drink and every morsel of food reminds you of your impending bankruptcy/eviction. While you are most certainly not alone in this, the sad month of January often exudes an ‘every man for himself’ feeling. Which we intend to destroy. Because ‘WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER’…*ahem*…no, we did not just burst into High School Musical song……

See, being skint is driving us crazy too.


1. Watch an Opera at the Royal Opera House

Yep, seriously. At the Royal Opera House you can catch a ballet or opera for under £5! We repeat, under £5! See what’s on at the moment here, and treat yourself to a night of culture and decadence…for the same price as a pint.


2. Get crafty

Quirky Hotspots London - Travelista73 - Drink Shop & Do
There are so many cheap (and sometimes free) arts and crafts places across London, but our favourite has to be Drink Shop & Do in King’s Cross. Activities such as Lego workshops, coffee-tasting, play with clay, temporary tattoo parlour and papier mach monster mash are all free when you buy a drink (which are all under a fiver and included coffee and cocktails…we know which one we’ll be having).


3. Touch the Sky at Proud Camden

This Friday (the 15th January) Proud Camden are putting on the unmissable Touch the Sky party – meaning you better be putting on your dancing shoes. This is going to be a night filled with your favourite hip hop and RnB jams. in one of the best and most unique party spaces in London. Download Fever, and get your tickets for only £5! Who said a mad night out had to break the bank? (We aren’t sure if anyone ever said that, actually…but at least now we know it doesn’t have to!)


4. Be in the audience for a BBC TV or Radio show

Tickets to BBC TV and radio are always free. Always. And no none really knows about it. So have a look at what’s on and watch your show like never before…just remember, don’t wave at the camera! You can get them online here.


5. Have a peruse around the fascinating Grant Museum

The Grant Museum is the only remaining university zoological museum in London. It houses around 68,000 specimens, covering the whole Animal Kingdom, including endangered or extinct species such as Tasmanian Tiger and the Dodo. It is free to visit, and absolutely amazing. Find out more here.


6. Visit the magical Dalston Eastern Curve Garden

[Curiously London]
Dalston Eastern Curve Garden is a community project run by the kind of community-minded people the world needs more of, and runs a jam-packed programme. BBQ’s, movie screenings,  gardening programmes, craft workshops and al fresco pizza evenings are just a handful of the events on offer, meaning there is something for everyone. Plus, it’s absolutely stunning (hands down East London’s loveliest outdoor spaces). Visit their website to find out what’s on!

Featured Image Credit: Tomas Sentpetery (Instagram: @tomas_sent)

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