12 Most Hilarious Reactions To The 5p Plastic Bags Charge In London

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck


A 5p bag charge was introduced to all large stores last week in an attempt to reduce the 7.6 billion plastic bags that are handed out for free every year in the UK. Ministers think that this new charge will stop people using plastic bags, which can be damaging to the environment when they accumulate as litter. Pretty simple right? Ha. If only. #plasticbagchaos took the city by storm last week. And people had a LOT to say on the matter. Naturally.


1. The Daily Mail reported events with characteristic objectivity and total conformity to the truth.


2. Whilst scenes of anarchy were spotted at Westminster.


3. And then things got really nasty.


4. Desperate attempts were made to escape without paying.


5.  Whilst others racked their brains for alternative ways to carry their shopping.


6. Orifices were filled.


7.  And people had to make some serious changes to their daily routine.


8. Some people realised the profit potential.


9. Whilst others got resourceful.


10. It was a great day for entrepreneurs.


11. Some people literally became millionaires over night.


12. And those that didn’t want to fork out the extra 5p… Took a trolley home instead.


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