Bounce Your Way Around This Ludicrously Fun Inflatable Obstacle Course

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor


Gung-Ho’s brilliantly bouncy inflatable course is visiting London three times this year.

Time to bounce, slide, climb, and occasionally run your way around this insane obstacle course. Gung-Ho! are bringing last year’s smash hit inflatable run back for another year, and I’ll make you a deal. We’ll get through the where, when, and why super-quickly, and then ogle loads of pictures of the fun bits. Here’s the when and where:

April 28th – Ruskin Park, Denmark Hill
July 28th – Finsbury Park
September 22nd – Crystal Palace Park

As for the why, that’s because it is literally the most fun you can have with clothes on, obviously. BOOM, done! Now, as promised…

First up, an obstacle called Start Me Up


Not your usual starter’s grid, this one will get you off to a flying start.

Surfin’ USA proves that life’s a beach


This one invites you to ride the waves without falling over – good luck…

Under Pressure is a fight to get out


Queen impressions at the ready for this one. Maybe a Brian May wig for the full effect?

You’ll need to be a little mad to beat the Maniac


This one fights back. Hopefully by this point you’ll have worked out that they’re all named after songs, because it took me a shameful amount of time to realise.

Last up is The Final Countdown


Standing five stories tall, this obstacle is a BEAST. Oh, and there happen to be inflatable wrecking balls along the way too. At least it ends with a slide to the finish.


That’s not all, though – those are just the new ones for 2018, as some old favourites are coming back for another round:

Can I Kick It?

Photo: @begungho

Knock some balls around to get through this one.

Walking On The Moon

Photo: @begungho

Jump across the biggest single-piece inflatable in the world. Honestly, it’s a monster.


Photo: @begungho

A foam-filled maze – should be a breeze, right?

You can find the full list of locations, and book tickets, by visiting their website. If you’d like to tackle the course for free, you can sign up via BBC’s Children in Need, as long as you pledge to raise £100 for charity. Find out more about that here.

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