The 5-Year Old Who Was Fined For Her Lemonade Stall Has Been Offered A Place At Borough Market

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A five-year old girl who got fined by Tower Hamlets council for selling her lemonade has been inundated with offers from multiple markets and festivals, notably London’s Borough Market.

It’s the age old concept that we all wish we could have done when we were younger – set up a little lemonade stall and sell it to neighbours and passerbys.

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Well, a lovely girl had this very desire to quench the thirst of festival-ready (and probably very intoxicated) Londoners going to Lovebox last week. Sounds sweet, right? The youngster was told off for selling 50p and £1 cups of lemonade near her home in Mile End by four local council enforcement officers, and fined £150 alongside her father André Spicer, a professor at City University.

After her father took to social media, he has been contacted by several market vendors who have offered his daughter a place to sell her lemonade. One of the main ones (and a pretty impressive one) is Borough Market:

And nearby LeeFest in Kent also extended an offer too:

But Spicer is more concerned with making this a possibility for other children around the UK, as detailed in his online statement:

So the moral of the story is: when life gives you lemons…. we suggest maybe getting a trading permit.

Feature Image: Ernest Porzi.

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