5 Wonderful Wintry Walks That You Won’t Believe Are In London

Abbie Moujaes Abbie Moujaes

5 Wonderful Wintry Walks That You Won’t Believe Are In London

Pull on your walking boots, pack up your galoshes, polish off a couple of trek bars and escape the kerfuffle of London life by heading out on an adventure down one of these wonderful wintry walks…


1. A canter with cattle around Osterley Park

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[tailsandfur via flickr]
If a walk amongst Charolais cattle, an 18th century garden and and a Great Meadow that has had only the brown cows to tend to it for years catches your fancy, then head to Osterley Park and House. You’ll find a grand driveway, Georgian mansion, swans gliding around the various lakes and a National Trust café for some light refreshment.


2. A winding walk towards the Wimbledon Windmill…

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[Beoriss via flickr]
This is for those looking for a lively walk full of flying golf balls and the occasional Womble. The Windmill Tearooms is a great added incentive to catch up with the cantering horses with stuffed Wombles on the counters and ‘Stuff on Toast’ on the menu.


3. A bob along the bubbling Beverley Brook

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[mattharvey1 via flickr]
It’s not always about the destination, the journey can be just as enchanting. Just like the oh-so-beautiful Beverley Brook that can lead you all the way to Richmond Park.


4. A royal march across the Royal Greenwich Park…

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[Doug Carpenter via flickr]
This Park provides not only the most majestic walk in London, but comes complete with a Royal Observatory, National Maritime Museum and you can even step across whole hemispheres over the historic Meridian Line.


5. Feeling wet and wild at the London Wetland Centre

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[Matt brown via flickr]
Birds, meadows, otters, a sand martin bank and a peacock tower for panoramic views, the oft-forgotten Wetland Centre is definitely not just for children. Though you might be slightly too large to enter the Puddle Jumping Competitions this week…


(Feature Image: mattharvey1 via flickr)

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