6 Unbelievably Cool Offices In London We Wish We Worked In

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Hard day at the office? It’s about to get a lot harder once you see some of the coolest, wackiest and downright amazing offices in London. From twirling slides and breathtaking views, to rooms built entirely out of sofas, there’s a lot of money and effort put into these buildings to provide employers with a great office environment (and, it seems, a lot of fun!)


1. Mind Candy

The British entertainment company and creators of the likes of Moshi Monsters and World of Warriors, have certainly done a good job of providing an equally entertaining office space. There’s vibrant colour, there’s extravagant fake indoor forests and, yes, there is a slide. Perhaps, Londoners, slides are the secret to business success? We shall have to test it ourselves…


2. Interchange


Situated beside the Camden Lock and soaring high above the markets, Interchange is a brand new co-working space bringing a multitude of companies together. Across its three buildings it flaunts panoramic views of the city and an uninterrupted view of the Shard, as well as beautifully designed, open-plan areas. The environment is perfect for creatives and start-ups alike (and Interchange are more than happy to cater for hungry, healthy and caffeine-loving minds.) The Atrium building is a really open space and has a bar on the top balcony (which is always handy). What’s more, the offices are dog-friendly, so you can get your therapeutic pooch fix. To find out more, or to see what events are running at Interchange this month, check out their website.


3. Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

[Jimmy’s Iced Coffee]
Okay, quick disclaimer – this one’s in Dorset, but we couldn’t resist sharing this skate ramp-come-meeting room with you! The office is also kitted out with trampolines, which is probably necessary, as we can imagine the staff are running pretty hyper on caffeine and need to exert energy somehow!


4. Innocent Drinks

[Eden Springs]
Based in the aptly named Fruit Towers, the smoothie-making giants at Innocent have created the perfect office for indoor picnics. Fitted with fake grass across the entire floor, the look of the offices resembles its quirky, light-hearted brand image. To keep staff chipper, they also serve up unlimited breakfast and smoothies every morning. Mmmmmm.


5. Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster have hit bullseye with their London HQ. Keen to encourage a good, sociable balance between work and play, they have extensive amenities including a large projector screen, open-plan eating areas, a bar, complete with jukebox and classic pinball machines and, of course, the slide (yes, another one!). Staff are encouraged to have fun and relax after working hours. We’d happily stay in the office past 7pm for multiple goes on the slide (especially after a few drinks!)


6. Google

Of course, we couldn’t forget this global giant, whose offices have people across the country flash green with envy. They certainly seem to love their sofas at Google – there are even rooms made up entirely of sofas, complete with padded walls. But with 160,000 square feet to play around with, why wouldn’t they fill it with something comfortable?


PS: London hasn’t quite beaten Toronto-based Corus Entertainment’s slide…

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