5 Unbelievable London Properties To Buy If You Ever Win The Lottery

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5 Unbelievable London Properties To Buy If You Ever Win The Lottery

So, you recklessly spent £2 on the National Lottery on New Year’s Eve while you were picking up your last ever packet of Marlborough Golds and you are now the anonymous winner of the £26,293902 jackpot. You can finally close your Help to Buy ISA with the knowledge you can just about afford a London property. But which to choose? We’ve been doing the dreaming for you…


Messing about in boats

It’s hard to find a place in South-West London with no screaming children or the constant drilling of a multipurpose-playroom-basement conversion next door.

The answer? Surround yourself somewhere no-one but David Walliams would ever venture to disturb you – buy a houseboat.

Not as dingy as it sounds, this one is on sale for £1.6 million, has three bedrooms, 2 decks and a huge roof terrace with glorious 360 views.


There. Is. A. Pizza. Lift.

A cupboard door in each master bedroom in the four super-luxury apartments in Gatti House on London’s Strand means you can have food sent straight from the restaurant next door, Nell Gwynne Tavern, to your bed.

The pads also feature green terraces at mid-level and penthouse heights, has interiors inspired by the first class dining rooms in Titanic and is a Grade II listed building.

But also, pizza.

Prices up to £5.95 million per flat.

Lottery Property Pizza Lift
[Gatti House]
The Secret Garden

Let’s call this the lucky dip of London property.

A dark, winding pathway that links Fulham road to Old Brompton road, Thistle Grove can magic away the hubbub of the high street to leave only the sound of the occasional wind chime from beyond the high brick walls that conceal the contents of these dwellings.

…But as the type of home to bother with instrumental outdoor décor, we are sure these secretive properties won’t disappoint.

Average value £1,530,699.

lottery property thistle grove
[Paul Farmer via Geograph]
Battersea Power Station

With its renovation soon to be complete, this decommissioned coal-fired power station pretty much has everything.

Pick up one of the brand new apartments right by Battersea Park and you can reside in a community that includes an Apple campus, an infinity pool and a street food market in the sky.

I mean… yes.

Lottery Property Battersea Power Station
[Alberto Pascual via Wikimedia]
Human Aquarium

And if an infinity pool isn’t daring enough for you, how about a 25 metre ‘sky pool’ suspended between two apartment blocks that will partly make up the 2,000 home Embassy Gardens development just next to the Power Station?

Intended to resemble an aquarium, the rooftop bar, spa and orangery that is also planned is sure to make you feel human again after a brief splash within a mere 20 cm glass casing.

lottery property sky pool
[Embassy Gardens]
Haunted House

Argyll House on King’s Road is not for the faint-hearted. It looks like something out of The Women in White and has been left almost untouched since it was built by the Venetian architect Giacomo Leoni in 1723.

His initials can still be found on the wrought iron gate, with the addition of an A, probably for his wife, on the two rain-water heads on the garden front. Bit creepy.

As the centre of London society in the early 20th century, it is allegedly the site where Wallis Simpson met the Prince of Wales and its parties have seen the likes of Fred Astaire, Virginia Woolf and Winston Churchill.

Price unknown, bribes likely to be required.

Lottery Property Argyll
[Paul Farmer via Geograph]
The Thin House

Getting into the January spirit, this thin house in Thurloe Square, Knightsbridge, will make you feel ultra slique in the surprisingly spacious artist studio within.

One bedroom, but one-of-a-kind.

Priced around 1 mill.

Lottery Property Thin House
[Peter Barr via Geograph]

Feature image: Embassy Gardens

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