5 Holiday Destinations With Return Flights From London For Under £40

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While we all know that London is undoubtedly the best place to live in the world, even the most dedicated Londoner knows that very occasionally, city life can loose a bit of its sparkle. When this happens, we can start to overlook the minor issues: missing a tube becomes a melodrama, a spilt cup of coffee becomes a catastrophe and… Well, don’t even get us started on the weather!

The good news is London happens to be perfectly located to provide us with extremely affordable international travel options. So here you are, five places you can visit for less than the cost of a West End theatre ticket…


1. Berlin (£20)

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Visit the historic ruins of the Berlin Wall, embrace your inner hipster at one of the city’s quirky coffee shops, or stuff your face with bratwurst. Beautiful Berlin is one of the cheapest destinations on our list with flights over the next few months regularly coming in at under £20 – the same price as a couple of drinks in central London! 


2. Copenhagen (£20) 

Another short-haul hero! These flights cost just £20 and certainly give you a lot of bang for your buck. This Scandinavian hotspot becomes more and more popular each year so you’d be stupid not to seize the opportunity to go before it’s taken over by tourists. London certainly has enough of those to go around!


3. Ibiza (£30)

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Return flights to Ibiza will only set you back £30 so you can save all your money and spend it on cocktails and beach massages when you get there! This ultimate party destination has it all – sun, sand and superclubs – three ingredients for a perfect week away with your friends.


4. Barcelona (£37)

Now you can join Ed Sheeran and George Ezra in singing Barcelona’s praises because return flights will only cost you just 37 shiny new pound coins (or old boring one’s, I don’t think the airlines are too bothered yet). Eat tapas, drink sangria… Viva España!


5. Milan (£39)

Famous for its food and fashion, Milan can be yours for only £39. The historic Duomo di Milano is reason enough to visit and after you factor in all the authentic Italian pizza and wine on offer… Well, it’s almost rude not to, isn’t it?


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