5 Hilarious Times London’s Guards Just Couldn’t Deal

Lucy Bloxham Lucy Bloxham

5 Hilarious Times London’s Guards Just Couldn’t Deal

London’s Royal Guards are universally renowned for their stoney expressions and stiff postures. Their ability to keep a straight face despite (some quite hilarious) attempts to crack them is astonishing. We couldn’t even keep it cool if a mate whispered ‘fart’ to us during a telling off at school. Imagining the rigorous training it takes to maintain a neutral expression for hours on end, (we’re thinking pictures of animal photobombs and a substantial fine at every snigger – impossible), it’s nice to know that they are, after all, human.


1. When this guard’s boredom reached new highs.

“I was adjusting my hat strap”…yeh yeh yeh. Nice try. [Today News]


2. When this guard had just. had. enough. of. those. bloody. tourists.

“Ask me again. Go on! Ask me again why the chicken crossed the road. I dare you!” [Tumblr]


3. When this guard had a few too many before his shift…

Going, going, going… [Youtube]


4. When this guard caved.



5. When this guard got a fancy makeover.

*Spoiler* This isn’t real. But is completely hilarious. [Scot Travel]


(Big, fury) hats off to you guys though. Really.

Featured Image Credit: Tumblr: James P Blair

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