5 Freebies That Might Actually Make You Want To Run The London Marathon

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We all know why people run the London marathon. There’s no other event that provides such glory, such physical challenges, such a sense of achievement… But somehow we’ve never quite got round to running it ourselves. Funny, that. But, this year, we’ve found a little bit of marathon motivation in the form of these fantastic freebies! All you have to do is show your marathon finisher’s medal and reap the delicious rewards. What could be easier than that?


1. Free cheesecomb burger at Maxwell’s

Maxwell’s Covent Garden has us all weak at the knees with this one! For one day only they’re giving marathon finishers a chance to sample their new cheesecomb burger, completely free of charge. A 6oz prime beef patty topped with bacon and slathered with an accompanying jug of melted cheddar this is not a meal for the health conscious. On the other hand, you’ve just ran a marathon, so you deserve it!


2. Free roast and a pint at Mr Fogg’s Tavern

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Easily the most valuable freebie of the day, Mr Fogg’s Tavern is offering all runners a full roast dinner and accompanying pint. This one is definitely an excellent motivational tool for any runner struggling towards the finish line. Just think of the Yorkshires!


3. Free glass of champers at All Bar One

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Chances are you’ve probably been strictly abstaining from alcohol as part of your strict marathon training diet (yeah, right), so what better way to celebrate than with a free glass of Moët and Chandon champagne at any one of the 23 All Bar One locations in London? It’s time to celebrate!


4. Free pizza at Taproom, Woolwich

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Ever have one of those days when all you can think about is pizza? We’re guessing this was one of those days for all you brave marathon runners. You deserve ALL THE PIZZA, so make the most of this moment by heading down to Taproom with your finisher’s medal and grabbing yourself a slice of the action. And by that, we mean an entire delicious pizza absolutely free of charge.


5. Free dim sum at Royal China

While this deal only includes one dim sum dish we thought we’d include it for variety’s sake. Who says you can’t be craving delicious Chinese delicacies over fatty fast food? Certainly not us. Royal China are offering all runners a free dim sum dish at any of their London branches.

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