5 Of The Coolest Places To Watch The London Marathon This Year

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While mere-mortals like us might not have what it takes to run even five of the 26 gruelling miles that make up a marathon we can certainly show our support. So, why not cheer on the wonderful humans of London who are running in style at one of these five fantastic viewing areas?


1. Down the local

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Fancy a pint? The Old Millwall Fire Station on the corner of Westferry and East Ferry Road is located 16.5 miles into the course and makes a perfect marathon viewing spot. The Lord Nelson opposite provides an equally brilliant view. Just try not to make any runners feel too jealous of your ice-cold G & T!


2. Tower Bridge

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This is definitely one for the Insta-concious; located at mile 20, Tower Bridge is arguably the most beautiful place to watch the race. But get here early – views are likely to be pretty restricted if you’re not willing to stake out your space.


3. The Commercial Road carnival

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For the past few years, Commercial Road has become home to the Run Dem Crew London marathon-day carnival! Expect music, crowds and lots of confetti. A surefire way to keep spirits up – you’ll be having fun and doing your bit to motivate the runners.


4. From the water

Why not celebrate the day onboard the R.S. Hispaniola? The boat is permanently docked on Victoria Embankment and is located at mile 25 of the race. The two sun decks are a perfect place to see the action and you can even watch while enjoying some Cuban-style tapas. Could this place be any more perfect?


5. The finish line

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Ok, we can’t downplay the merits of this particular spot; the finish line deserves a mention. Never have you seen such endurance, such passion, such drama! It almost makes you want to run the thing yourself… That is, until you remember how much you love being horizontal and come to your senses.

You might even witness a moment as heartwarming as this one:

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