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5 Brilliant Ways The Sup App Will Completely Change Your Social Life In London

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

5 Brilliant Ways The Sup App Will Completely Change Your Social Life In London

London’s a big city – you don’t need to take the tube beyond Zone 3 to realise that. The chances of randomly bumping into a friendly face are statistically very slim. But when serendipitous moments like this do happen, we can’t help but smile and say to ourselves ‘it’s such a small world’. The new social app, Sup, is enhancing the power of these fleeting moments. By using your location (without displaying it intrusively on a map), Sup shows you which of your friends are in nearby walking distance.


1. With Sup, you’re more likely to actually meet up with friends.

Too often our day goes like this: wake up; get tube to work; think about doing something fun after work; try to see who’s free after work; organisation gets too complicated; go straight home after work. Repeat. With Sup, you can see how close your friends are in minutes and ping them a quick message to see if they’re free – there and then. No jumping between apps, no waiting on everyone to see who’s around.


2. Sup encourages spontaneity.

No matter how desperate you are to do something fun, sometimes it takes more than the temptation of a drink to convince you to get out. But once you know that you have friends in the nearby area, you’re more likely to get up and go! Your bestie is only 10 minutes away? Well so is that great little 2-4-1 cocktail bar…


3. Sup can help rekindle old friendships.

When that long lost friend appears on your Sup radar, you’re given a unique chance to reignite an old relationship. You may well have seen this person pop up on you Facebook newsfeed every now and then, but Sup encourages you catch up in real life. We imagine it to be like having the power of fate in the palm of your hands – without Sup you wouldn’t have realised that person was so close (and you’d have to resort to spying on their holiday pictures instead).



4. You can also meet new people.

It’s not only your friends who appear on your radar. The Sup App provides an alternative, refreshing way to meet new people nearby. Don’t worry – it’s not invasive. Your actual location is never revealed and you can ‘hide’ yourself from the radar whenever you want. But it’s a different way of seeing who’s about in your local area and can help build a sense of community spirit (yes, even in London!). Or, if you find yourself in an area you don’t know much about, you can see if any nearby Sup users have any good recommendations!


5. Sup makes mobile personal.

We live in an age where everyone’s constantly looking down at our phone screens. Yes, Sup may well be a mobile app, but it’s using the phenomenom of digital to enhance real life connections and make us (excuse the slight cheesy turn this is taking) live for the moment. And we think that’s wonderful. You can download Sup for free here.


Featured Image credit: Instagram @night.scape