4 Festivals Dedicated Entirely To Booze That You Should Clear Your Diaries For

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4 Festivals Dedicated Entirely To Booze That You Should Clear Your Diaries For

If there’s anything London does better than boozing, it’s hosting festivals dedicated to booze.

This summer there’s a whole host of events to fill your diaries (and guarantee your lack of sobriety). From rosé to espresso martinis, there’s literally something for everyone.


1. Rosé Festival, 21st-23rd July

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Hoxton’s Geffrye Museum decided that pink wine deserved an entire festival of it’s own, so they organised a 3-day extravaganza of food, entertainment and lots and lots of boozing (but in a classy way, of course). The festival is in partnership with Laurent Perrier, among many others, and you can expect some la-di-da entertainment including Shakespeare recitals, operatic performances, jazz bands and DJ sets. Heads up: the Saturday event is sold out, so you’re either looking at a Friday boozing session or a Sunday fun day. Get in there quick.

Get your tickets here.


2. Unlimited beer at Ales Tales, 21st-22nd July


London’s very first Belgian craft beer festival is coming to Hackney this weekend and there’s UNLIMITED beer! Sample unique Belgian beers, some authentic Belgian food and join in with the traditional Belgian vibes! Go for the ‘all in’ option and get an exclusive festival glass and unlimited beer for the day. We repeat, unlimited beer. Oh and by the way, Secret London readers get a discounted price of £29 (it’s normally £40) because you’re nice and we like you.

Get your tickets here.


3. Tequila Fest, 19th August

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Tequila is a bit like Marmite – you either love it or you hate it (although the line becomes slightly blurred when you’ve had a few pre-shot bevvys). But how much do you really know about the spirit? London’s Tequila Festival will show you 30 different types of tequila, so you’re bound to find one that you like. You’ll receive a complimentary shot upon entry, along with a ‘Tequila Bible’ to help guide you through the ins-and-outs of the art of tequila tasting. Besides the tequila, you can also expect some delicious Mexican street food, live music, DJs, performers, a Mariachi band and plenty more surprises.

Get your tickets here.


4. Drink boozy shakes at London’s Burger and Milkshake Festival, 13th August

Shake Your Patty, London’s first ever burger and milkshake festival is landing in time for some summer feasting. This genius idea will be hosted by London Garden Events and Studio 338, and will be the first of its kind to come to the capital. Besides lots of 0% ABV options, there will be more than enough hard shakes to help you get your boozy fix. Expect an impressive line-up of some of the best burger joints and shake makers in the capital and some banging live DJ sets.

Get your tickets here and get a slider burger and milkshake included in the ticket price.

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