4 Delicious Homemade Smoothies To Solve 4 #LondonProblems

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

4 Delicious Homemade Smoothies To Solve 4 #LondonProblems

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“A smoothie a day keeps tube delays at bay”… is perhaps wishful thinking. However, there is something to be said about a fantastically refreshing homemade smoothie. This summer, plant-based brand Alpro is helping us create delicious smoothies of our own using the tasty smoothie inspiration tool. So not only do you save money on the *ahem* pricey *ahem* smoothies from various hipster cafes we aren’t going to mention (#LondonProblems), but you also get to switch up your flavours every day. Below we’ve picked out a different fruit and veg-packed smoothie recipe to solve more of your #LondonProblems.


London problem 1: It’s a Monday morning and you aren’t mentally prepared to get on the Northern Line – but who ever is?! The thought of the sticky sweats, the human bodies crushing against you and the overpowering smell of commuter coffee breath is making it extremely difficult to get out of bed…

Smoothie Solution: Al-mend Your Monday. A sensational almond-mango-tango blend will give you the kick up the behind you need! Made with Alpro’s Almond Unsweetened Drink, mango, strawberries and matcha powder, a few glugs of this and you’ll be powering through the underground without so much as breaking a sweat. Check out the full recipe here.



London problem 2: You’re fed up of seeing Freakshakes all over your Instagram feed. You want to devour one for yourself so badly, but you’re not the type of person to happily slurp up 1000 calories in under 10 minutes.

Smoothie Solution: Soya-cial Media Pleaser. Move over calorific Freakshakes – it’s time to make your mark on Instagram with these soya-based super pretty (and extremely tasty) shakes. “What’s this? #healthy #glutenfree #lactosefree?! HOW?!” Simple, you combine Alpro Simply Plain plant based alternative to yogurt and Soya Vanilla, Soya Strawberry or Soya Chocolate Fresh, as well as a handful of nuts and a spoonful of honey. If you’re mouth’s already watering, you can find the easy-to-follow recipe on Alpro’s site.



London problem 3: Let’s face it, London’s weather this summer has so far been one huge disappointment. You desperately need a bit of sunshine in your life and, no matter how much you check the forecast, your dreams of lounging around on London Fields this weekend probably won’t happen.

Smoothie Solution: The Sun Seeker. Capture the sunshine in a glass with a bright, cheerful cup of yellow goodness. Made using Alpro Coconut Original, passion fruit, yellow pepper and sunflower seeds, you can have a taste of the tropics without splurging on an expensive flight overseas – turns out smoothie ingredients prove far more affordable. And if the sun does make an appearance, then what better than a refreshing zesty blend to enjoy it with? Check out the full recipe here.



London problem 4: After suffering from some serious gym kit envy, you’ve just spent a (slightly embarrassing) amount of money on new workout gear. It’s so expensive, you’re actually scared to sweat in it… 

Smoothie Solution: Green With Envy. What you need alongside your swanky new workout kit is the perfect gym-friendly accessory: a bright green, veg-packed smoothie. Whizz up kiwi, cucumber, spinach, basil and Alpro’s Simply Plain plant-based alternative to yogurt to take with you to the gym. Just walk around the mat area a little, flaunting your new outfit and your tasty blend of greens and looking like a complete god/goddess of health. Go on, you fitness guru – try this recipe here.



Got any other #LondonProblems? Need a smoothie to cure your rent-day woes? For a more personalised smoothie solution, check out Alpro’s Smoothie inspiration tool. You’ll be mixing up your own recipes in no time. Send us pictures of your favourite problem-solving #AlproSmoothie by tagging us (@secret.london) and Alpro (@Alpro) on Instagram!

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