39 Things You’ll Only Know If You’re A Native Londoner

Abbie Moujaes Abbie Moujaes

39 Things You’ll Only Know If You’re A Native Londoner

With pollution so high, we will probably all die out soon… so let’s remember the good times while we still can…


1. You have never had any desire to feed the pigeons


2. Accepting any freebie people hand you. (Even if it’s dog food…and you don’t have a dog).


3. You have a wonderful childhood memory of  ‘Snow Day’


4. When taking a cab used to feel like you were royalty


5. You used to ring the bell on the bus five times when your mum wasn’t watching


6. You haven’t seen the sun for years


7. The grass is always greener your side of the river


8. Going to the library as a child was an outing… to read


9. When that London Underground song became the new London anthem for a month


10. Not being able to sleep unless you can hear a bus…


11. Or a fire engine/ambulance/drunk people


12. Living in the certainty that there will always be some way of getting food delivered to your door at any time


13. Having at least one memory of falling down an escalator


14.  Constantly waiting for summer. Even in July.



15. ‘No entry’ signs on the Tube no longer mean anything to you


16. Getting secret satisfaction when giving directions to tourists


17. Yeah, you know where the Queen’s house is


18. Big Ben is your second heartbeat



19. You are extremely concerned about Big Ben going quiet for repairs


20. That time everyone had a Cath Kidston bag


21. That time you got a Cath Kidston bag even though you hate floral patterns


22. Refusing to buy a new £20 umbrella even though yours now has two broken spines

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23. Going into M&S just to use the loo


24. Every time you get on the Tube you think you might die


25. Going to Richmond Park is like a trip to the countryside



26. Tube Strikes mean that sometimes you just can’t leave your house


27. Or in worse cases… get home


28. Oxford Circus… just not worth it


29. January sales… purr-lease



30. Confused memories of how the fuck you got anywhere without Google Maps


31. Harrods Food Hall Samples to get you through a long afternoon


32. Child Oyster Cards were life


33. You are haunted by the dark days of no WiFi on the Tube



34. Your local newsagents have just ignored the fact that you now use real ID


35. And you have done the same


36. Knowing that at least once someone has fallen asleep on you on public transport


37. Having the ability to completely ignore any kind of fancy dress/face paint/piercings


38. Because you are a Londoner


39. And you just don’t give a shit



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