36 Incredible Little Things All Londoners Should Be Thankful For

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck

36 Incredible Little Things All Londoners Should Be Thankful For

Today we’re spreading a bit of cheesy optimism across London because let’s face it, we need it sometimes. It’s all too easy to get down in the dumps in this city, especially when we read surveys reporting that us London folk are the least satisfied and most anxious people in the country. Time’s are tough, there’s no denying it, but that’s why it’s more important than ever to remind ourselves of the countless things we should be thankful for. Cue the violins and place your hands over your hearts – it’s time to spread the love.


1. Thank you for being one of the greenest capital cities on the planet.

2. Thank you for Hyde Park in Spring. 

[Instagram: @alisinwonderland]
3. Thank you for front-seat rides on the DLR.

4. And back-seat rides on the Number 19. 

5. Thank you for Bank – you glorious mess of a tube station.

6. Thank you for TFL quotes that always make us smile. 

[Twitter @PhotographyWen]
7. Thank you for your diversity.

8. And for giving us the world on a plate. 

9. Thank you for the smells at Druid St Market.

10. And the sounds at St Pancras International.

11. Thank you for the view from Waterloo Bridge.

[Flickr: blackthorne57]
12. Thank you for over-talkative tube drivers. 

13. But under-talkative passengers.

14. Thank you for the Natural History Museum. 

[Flickr: Michael Echteld]
15. And for Danson House.

16. (And for the other 200+ museums that are open for visitors).

17. Thank you for the busker near the Globe Theatre.

18. Thank you for the seasons. (At least we’re never bored). 

[Flickr: My Little Corner]
19. Thank you for pubs with open fires.

20. And board games at Scootercaffè.

21. Thank you for the sunset on Primrose Hill.

[Mike Rolls]
22. Thank you for the warm air billowing on the escalators of the tube. 

23. And cold breezes on Hampstead Heath.

24. Thank you for higgledy piggledy streets. 

25. And Mews houses.

26. Thank you for Columbia Road Flower Market. 

27. Thank you for never boring us.

28. And for giving us something to complain about. 

29. Thank you for sometimes scaring us.

30. (It makes the moments when we come together even better). 

[Flickr: Eduardo Carrasco]
31. Thank you for the streets that don’t mean much.

32. But still make us happy. 

[Flickr: Doug]
33. Thank you for the little moments of magic.

34. Thank you for the feeling of escape when we leave you. 

35. And thank you for always feeling like home when we return.

36. In other words, thank you for having us, London.  


We want to know what you’re thankful for! Comment below or tweet us at @Secret_LDN

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