36 Things Londoners Can’t Say Without Sounding Sarcastic

Because you never really mean “no, no – it’s fine” when someone takes the tube seat you spent the whole journey eyeing up…


1. So sorry.

2. Yeah, you too.

3. Thanks for the help.

4. Great job.

5. Good for you.

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6. Shame.

7. Good effort. 

8. Nice one.

9. That sounds fun.

10. Can’t wait.

11. It’s not a problem.

12. You must email me about it.

13. I love your trainers. 

14. Let’s talk Brexit.

15. That’s amazing.

16. I’m so happy for you.

17. It’s fine, I’m getting off at the next stop anyway.

18. Sure, take it. My phone’s got enough charge now.

19. No rush at all.

20. Wow.

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21. Your commitment to the gym is admirable.

22. You’ve got a great squatting stance.

23. That’s impressive.

24. I’ll look into it.

25. The ball’s in your court. 

26. You must remind me to do that.

27. You did that all in one day?

28. Great.

29. Haha.

30. LOL

ho ho
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31. Sure, you can have my number.

32. I bet being gluten-free is tough.

33. No problemo.

34. It’s totally fine.

35. Seriously, I’m fine.

36. Fine.

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