31 Things We’d Miss If We Left London

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31 Things We’d Miss If We Left London

With “if” being the operative word because we sure as hell ain’t going anywhere… For the moment, anyway.


1. Feeling permanently spoilt for choice.

2. Rolling our eyes at ridiculous pretentious pop-ups (and then going to them anyway).

3. Early morning jogs in Victoria Park.

4. And sunrises on Primrose Hill.

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5. Front seat rides on the DLR.

6. Having more fried chicken shops than cashpoints.

7. Awkward exchanges on the tube.

8. Being able to see the Shard everywhere, always.

[Instagram: @dimitar_hr)
9. Hampstead Heath pools in the summer.

10. Diversity. Everywhere. You. Look.

11. Dinner plans involving more than just Pizza Express or Strada.

12. The shamelessly sarcastic signs outside pubs.

13. And TfL workers seriously brightening up our commutes.


14. The hell that breaks loose when there’s a Tube Strike.

15. And the forever-confused seasons. (At least we’re never bored).

16. Always having a better option than Starbucks.

17. The view from Waterloo Bridge.

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18. Foxes. Because you know you love them really…

19. Pensioners that shout “thank you driver” when they get off the bus. 

20. Knowing exactly where to stand on the platform so that the tube doors open right in front of us.

21. 24-hour off licenses. Have you ever tried to buy alcohol in Scotland? 

22. That feeling when you get off the train at St Pancras International.


23. Strange new fitness crazes that beat pounding it on the treadmill. 

24. Sunday morning strolls in Richmond Park.

25. Followed by Sunday afternoon pints on Richmond Hill. 


26. Living in a crazy cosmopolitan metropolis that doesn’t stop growing.

27. But also knowing that London has more green spaces than any other city of its size. 

28. When the sun decides to show its face and suddenly all your can smell is BBQs.


29. That moment when you cross the Thames and look out across the city. 

30. And feel so incredibly lucky.

31. To be able to call this your home. 

[Jon Raffoul, Instagram @j_r_photography]
Featured Image Credit: Dimitar Hristov, Instagram @dimitar_hr 

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