31 Things You Still Don’t Know After Living In London For A Year

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31 Things You Still Don’t Know After Living In London For A Year

One year. No time at all some may say. Been with your ‘significant other’ for a year? – “Oh it’s JUST flown by” (?) Haven’t seen your bessie mate for a year? Nothing between you will have changed. However a year can still feel like enough time has gone by to make a real difference. For example, if you didn’t cut your nails for a year, or if you only ate Wotsits for a year (not sure what these examples say about us…) But a year in London?! Enough time to get to know the city?! Or no time at all?


1. Why the Circle line is called the Circle line when it’s clearly not a circle.

2. What the f*ck Fitzrovia is.

3. That there are trams in London and people use these to travel.

4. Which areas are South, which areas are North, and so on…

5. How much it actually costs to take the tube.

6. What “off-peak” means and does it actually make that much difference.

7. What “gentrification” means.

8. And do we hate it or not?

9. Do you have to like almond milk to be cool?

10. Is being a hipster really that bad?

11. Are ‘hipsters’ even a thing anymore?

12. Whether the Waterloo and City line exists. And who the hell uses it.

13. How to say Holborn.

14. How to say ‘Marylebone’.

[Sarah Says Read]
15. How to spell ‘Mahreyoleboene’.

16. Which exits to use at Oxford Street.

17. Which exits to use at Elephant and Castle.

18. Which exits to use at any tube station except for your own.

19. How to work Boris bikes.

20. That ‘Southwark’ is not pronounced ‘South-Wark’.

21. Where all the Thursday night pub bankers come from and what they actually do for a job.

22. Whether or not your parents have turned your room at home into a gym yet.

23. Or if they’ll give it another year.

24. If it’s ok to go to Infernos. And like it. Carpet and all.

25. What Westfield looks like on a Saturday. Because you’re not an idiot.

26. How angry your ‘lived in London for five years’ friends would be if they found out you went to Topshop on Oxford St.

27. How many floors there are in Topshop on Oxford St.

You think we’re exaggerating. [Escher]
28. Why you’re here.

29. When you can’t afford to do anything.

30. Or go anywhere.

31. But also why you’d ever leave. Because it feels like home. Even if it’s only been a year.


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