30 Times London Made You Feel Broke AF

Morgan Cormack Morgan Cormack

30 Times London Made You Feel Broke AF

London is great but more often than not, we all get a little overexcited and forget that we’re not all living that baller lifestyle. Nowhere close. Here are some of the times when our beloved city made us feel like a soot covered extra in Oliver Twist.


1. Bringing in your own lunch in a plastic container you got from the local Chinese place…

2. …which you got a fair while ago because no chow mein is worth that overdraft.

3. Lunch can no longer be an overpriced box of salad leaves for £6… what a shame.

4. After work drinks? It’s a tap water for me…

5. I don’t think you heard me, I said water. Not sparkling mineral, just plain free tap water.

6. Still wearing the same wardrobe choices you did 2 years ago because who has the time or money for a wardrobe refresh?

7. Walking home isn’t so bad is it? Who needs money for their Oyster after all?

8. Any time you watch Made In Chelsea

9. When you reach hump day and Saturday boozy brunch plans start to get discussed

10. Maybe just some toast and cereal at mine guys? It could be trendy and you could Build Your Own Brunch?

11. When you just need a caffeine fix but a latte is looking like a small fortune in itself

12. Speaking of which… just what exactly is a flipping matcha latte? And why are they so expensive?

13. Finding cool events on the weekends and realising they all have something stupid like a £10 entry fee

14. Really really wanting to go and see all those theatre shows that are on the buses and realising seats are 40 quid

15. Maybe just some illegally downloaded movies instead?

16. Going to a free event, realising there are things to buy inside and just going round getting free tasters instead

17. Samples are a godsend. Nothing in for dinner? Just go round Borough Market for a sample binge, duh.

18. London adverts just break our hearts. Stop advertising new things and places that aren’t in our price range.

19. Having to give yourself that stern talk about staying on at the gym or finally cancelling that pricey membership

20. Cycling to work could just be the answer…

21. …If one could afford a bike, helmet and visibility coat (because cycle safety should always be a priority, right)?

22. Or even just a sodding Boris Bike…

23. Choosing between a great night out or not eating for the next week. Hmm…

24. Alcohol and dancing always wins but since when did a shot of tequila get to £7?!

25. The real question is: Pot Noodle or Cup A Soup?

26. Walking past Selfridges or Harrods and just smelling the money.

27. Taking a wander in said places and wondering if you could ever buy anything that isn’t a pencil in here.

28. Waiting for that beloved text from a parent/friend/significant other with an offer of a paid meal

29. Consequently not going out to eat at any of the new pop-up restaurants you’ve had bookmarked for months.

30. Saying you’ve gone meat-free for ethical reasons, when really it’s just that those weekly trips to Bird and Mother Clucker are not easy on the purse strings.


Feature Image: Loco Steve

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