30 Things You’ll Only Remember If You Grew Up In London

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck

30 Things You’ll Only Remember If You Grew Up In London

The #GrowingUpInLondon Twitter trend took us on a trip down memory lane. Admittedly most of these are to do with public transport. But everyone knows the bus ride home from school was when all the real shit went down. Oh to be young again…


1. Everyone that passed you on the street was going to mug you/murder you/steal your Pokemon cards.

2. And then one time someone took your Nokia 3210. 

3. And it was like HOW AM I GONNA PLAY SNAKE NOW?

[News Talk]

4. You still remember when bus fares cost 40p.

5. And how forgetting your Zip card required Oscar Winning performances.

6. Or you just pretended you were 13 until you were 19.

7. Upper deck boys.    

8. And that feeling when the bus driver turned the engine off.  

9. Not as bad as when the bus inspector got on and you didn’t have an Oyster.

10. Going to the Trocadero meant “going into Central”.

11. And if someone said they were “going into Town” you were like…


12. When this was everyone’s P.E. bag.

13. And everyone had the same coat from Primark. 

14. When you couldn’t remember if London was a country or a city.

15. Or if living in England and London meant the same thing. 

16. Birthday parties meant only one thing…

17. And when a concord flew over it was the best thing ever.

18. Second only to that ‘Snow Day’ back in 2008.

19. The Blue Whale in the Natural History Museum. 

20. And the ham sandwich, Sunpride Orange juice and packet of Discos everyone ate for lunch when they were there.

21. (And the feeling when the only Sunpride juice left was pineapple). 

22. When suddenly the big question was “Can I get your bb PIN?”

23. And then you discovered Apple Photo Booth. 

24. You remember when Morrison’s was called Safeway.

25. And when Freddos only cos 10p. 

26. Not having enough credit on your Pay As You Go phone.

 27. And you literally can’t remember a time when these posters weren’t around.

28. Travelling across London felt like travelling across the world.

29. The countryside…what’s that?

30. Because who needs a back garden when this is your playground?

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