29 Reasons Why London Is The Best Friend You Will Ever Have

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29 Reasons Why London Is The Best Friend You Will Ever Have

Whether they fall in love, go travelling to South America or move to Ruislip, friends can sometimes let you down. At times you may find yourself alone, with your ‘pet’ fox having more fun at night than you ever will. But, you know what? In London you are never without a china plate (mate), because this glorious city is the best and most reliable friend you will ever have, and here’s why…


1. It will always be there to look after you

london friend


2. Even if this also means it has fuck loads of people about all the time


3. It will be on your side ’til the end


4. Its Tube strikes and rush hours are just an excuse for a much needed cuddle


5. If you’re feeling down it is usually raining, which is a comfort to you


6. When no-one else will blow you, Doris will


7. With over 300 languages spoken, someone somewhere will speak yours


8. It will provide booze as and when required


9. It understands that a third wheel of cheese is not a third wheel


10. But it also has a shit load of supermodels walking the streets to get you motivated to work it off

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11. It makes you feel good about yourself no matter who/what you are


12. It is the best wingman ever


13. It is always on hand with life advice for your everlong list of questions


14. Even if the advice is 99% sarcastic
london best friend


15. And it knows just how you want to spend important World Days



16. Its noise level means it never gives you FOMO, even if you stay in


17. It is the one person you are comfortable enough to take naps with


18. When you get irrationally angry for no reason…


19. It will always remain calm, cool and collected


20. When you are broke, it will always find something you can do


21. When you need something to make you feel better about life, it’s there


22. And you miss everything about it when you are gone


23. When you can just look at each other and know what the other’s thinking


24. When you need to run away…


25. And shout and scream about anything and everything…


26. It gives you space


27. But you know that, whatever happens…


28. No matter how much it grows and changes…


29. It will always be there.
london best friend

Thanks for everything, London <3

(Feature Image: Tom Lee via flickr)

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