28 Things That You’ve Never (Have I Ever) Done Before In London

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28 Things That You’ve Never (Have I Ever) Done Before In London

‘Never Have I Ever…’ – The infamous drinking game you’ve probably all played at least once in your life. It was either used as a way to awkwardly break the ice during Fresher’s Week at uni or as the go-to game when you couldn’t think of anything else to play before a night out with your friends. We’ve decided to revitalise the old game with a London twist because we’re kind of keen on this city, as you might have guessed. Which of these things have you never done in London?


1. Squeezed yourself onto a tube and almost had your head bashed by the closing doors.



2. Read all the adverts inside the tube carriage three times over, just to avoid eye contact with the person opposite.

3. Dared to go shopping on Oxford Street (or anywhere) on Black Friday.

4. Spent a NYE crammed underneath someone’s armpit on Southbank.

5. Actually bought M&Ms from M&M world.

6. Taken a picture with a palace guard.

7. Enjoyed ‘stretching your legs’ on a brisk walk through Bank.

8. Got too drunk at a bottomless brunch.

9. Taken the Emirates Cable Car. 

[The o2]
10. Been to a world foods market and tried something exotic, like zebra or kangaroo steak.

11. Been to Bow’s Roman Road Market to buy some knock off Topshop clothes…

12. Dared to get on the Central Line during rush hour.

13. Marvelled at driverless DLR trains. 

14. Got a night bus… sober.

15. Felt overdressed in Shoreditch.



16. Felt underdressed in Kensington.


17. Written an angry tweet about the #TubeStrike. 

18. Done the ‘free food round’ at Borough Market three times in one afternoon.

19. Tasted a bubble waffle from Pump, Shoreditch.

20. Sat on the same tube line from one end to the other.

[London Beep]
21. Fallen asleep on the tube.

22. Felt like the luckiest Londoner alive when the toilet barriers were open at Waterloo and you didn’t have to pay 30p for a wee!

23. Been driven around Soho in a Tuk Tuk. 

24. Taken an Instagram of Big Ben.

25. Done a wee wee in the loos with a view at the Shard

26. the Apple Store on Regent Street.

27. Looked at the Thames and thought ‘I could really do with a swim’.

[The Independent]
Featured Image Credit: Flickr Darren Reichel 

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