28 Reasons Why You’ll Never Be Able To Live Anywhere But London

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There are some people who choose to move away from London… Let that sink in for a second. We like to think our magnificent city has it all and there seems to be some fundamental reasons why we couldn’t possibly live anywhere else. This is what would happen if we did live the big city…


1. Everything is just waaaaaaay too quiet 

2. You aren’t used to a place that doesn’t have sirens going off at all hours

3. Ultimately, it proves hard to get to sleep…

4. Sirens were your nighttime lullaby after all

5. There aren’t a hundred and one people to dodge and dip under on the pavements 

6. That means you can’t pretend you’re in Grand Theft Auto: The London Edition

7. But mainly because people walk really really slow

8. And are actually okay with this slow pace of life

9. Journeys will now be occupied with teaching yourself to walk like a snail 

10. There really is such a thing as an empty pavement in the middle of the day

11. But that just seems a little creepy, right?

12. Shops actually can close on a Sunday. Like for the entire day???

13. And why are corner shops really only a thing in London?

14. No nipping out in the cold of the night for a cheeky bar of Cadbury…

15. You’re still getting used to carrying change to pay for the bus

16. And the phrase “they really need to get Oyster cards here” is uttered at least once a day

17. Let’s not mention that 2 sets of doors on buses seems to really only be a London thing

18. So are regular bus and train services. 15 minutes for the next bus? Really?

19. “Going into town” is legitimately a phrase you’ll come to use

20. But it will never compare to all the shopping centres and beautiful high streets back in the big city

21. Why doesn’t every place have an Oxford Street? Or a Covent Garden? Or just something?!

22. Things really aren’t as Instagrammable as they were in London

23. You can’t just take a picture of a house or a street because they definitely are not the same outside of London

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24. Pop-ups are hardly a thing elsewhere it seems

25. So no new food trends to snap or art exhibitions to rub your chin at  

26. And where is all the beloved street food?

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27. A Gregg’s sausage roll just doesn’t cut it once you’ve had a gourmet fried chicken burger with bacon and cheese.

28. Once you get used to the amazing hub of life that is London, you’ll find it bloody hard to live elsewhere. We assure you.


Feature Image: Pedro Szekely

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