27 Things Every Londoner Needs To Give Up For Lent

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27 Things Every Londoner Needs To Give Up For Lent

Lent starts today. That means you’re one day closer to getting your Percy and Penny Easter Pig from M&S, but it also means you’re one day into the start of a 6 week struggle of some sort of fasting, forbearance or frugality. Here’s some ideas on what you could give up this year…


1. Cheese.

2. Just kidding, Londoners are made of cheese.


3. Complaining about your commute.

4. Everyone has a shit commute. It’s London.

5. Complaining about past Tube Strikes.

6. Just let it go (let it gooo). 

7. Complaining about the weather.

8. Talking about the weather.


 9. Going outside.

10. Spending more than £3 on a latte, anytime, anywhere.

11. Don’t give up coffee though. No-one wants to see that.

12. Uber-ing to a Tube Station to then get a tube.

13. Telling people off with your eyes.

14. This doesn’t work. Only signs work.

15. Staying up really late for absolutely no reason and feeling shit the next day. 

16. You don’t need to watch another Come Dine With Me. Just go to bed.

17. Going to the same pub week in, week out.

18. Any sort of fancy dress.

19. Being a sarcy Londoner.

20. Being a sarcy Londoner at work.

21. Though exceptions can be made for sarcy Londoners in life threatening situations.

22. Chocolate.

23. Who needs chocolate when you have chocolate crumpets? Mwahahha.

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24. Complaining about London.

25. Making any sort of joke relating to house prices.


26. It hurts too much, now.


27. Lent.


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