26 Reasons Every Londoner Should Be Feeling Happy This Blue Monday

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck


It’s Blue Monday, which means it’s The Most Depressing Day of the Year. Yay for humans! According to *ahem* experts, the worst day of the year falls on the third Monday of every January and is the result of a mix of bad weather, high debt, Christmas being further away than ever before and motivational levels being at an all-time low (we saw you have that cheeky gin and tonic on Saturday night)… Either that, or it’s a massive PR stunt and someone, somewhere is making some serious dollar off your misery. Whichever way you look at it though, if you decide today is going to be depressing, it most probably will be. Severe delays on the Cirlce Line this morning? That sucked. But it will probably happen next week too. So stop with all the misery and Believe Yourself Happy. Down with Blue Monday, we say! Look at all the reasons you’ve got to be smiling… And if all else fails, at least it’s nearly Tuesday.


1. Chinese New Year is around the corner, which is basically another reason to begin all over again.

2. And to stuff yourself silly in China Town.


3. It’s a leap year – ladies, get that ring on your finger.

4. There’s a creme egg pop up cafe coming to London. 

5. And you can buy creme egg toasties.

Need we say more? [Via Mummymishaps]
6. Christmas falls on a Sunday, which means you get an extra day of holiday again this year.

7. New Year’s Eve falls on a Sunday. Ditto above.

8. Petrol is about to become cheaper than water. (We don’t know whether to laugh or cry).

9. Konditor & Cook are giving away free brownies today.

10. Sea otters hold hands when they go to sleep.

No but seriously. [IFL Science]
11. Season 6 of Game Of Thrones is out in April.

12. And Dry January is almost over.

13. Which means it’s only 12 days until you can have a drink.

14. Or if you’re not partaking, 12 days until you get your drinking buddies back.



15. Today the sun will set at 4.21pm. It’s almost time to get the BBQs out.

16. The Queen will celebrate her 90th birthday this year…

17. And we’ve heard she throws one helluva party.

Even is she’s charging £150 for you to come… [Inquisitr]
18. Tesco are giving away free food to cheer everyone up.

19. But it’s only fruit.

20. Every little helps?

21. Harry Potter is back…on stage.

EPIC [Radio Times]
19. And we’re about to own the tallest and longest slide in the world.

20. It’s awards season, which means the cinemas are full of incredible movies.

21. And most of them are so dark you’ll feel positively GLOWING when you come back to reality.

22. Tube Strikes may be planned but at least TfL workers have a great sense of humour.

No really, we love you. [Twitter @AndrewBinner]
23. It’s the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare and celebrations are going to be EPIC. 

24. Dark chocolate and red wine supposedly make you lose weight now.

25. Which is handy because January can sometimes really suck.

26. Until you remember that you live here.

[Jason Hawkes Photography / Twitter @jasonhawesphot]
Which, in our eyes, is a reason to feel pretty lucky.

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