26 Mental Stages All Londoners Go Through When They Break Up With Booze

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

26 Mental Stages All Londoners Go Through When They Break Up With Booze

To those of you committing yourselves to an alcohol-free January, we know it’s a tough break up. Especially in London, where the bars and restaurants on every corner are still in full flow, there are enticing drinks offers everywhere and your post-Christmas blues are depressing enough as it is.


1. Day one of no booze and I’m feeling great!

2. I can actually feel my liver repairing itself.

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3. I don’t understand why people say its so difficult?

4. I can have fun at the pub without drinking, easy.

5. *Sips soda and lime while imagining it has vodka in it*

6. Look at Sarah! Flaunting that glass of red in her hand.

7. Oh God, and now she’s giggling.

8. Seriously Sarah, get a grip.

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9. Well HA! to you. You’re going to be soooo hungover tomorrow.

10. I’m so glad I’m sober.

11. Plus, I can use the calories I’m saving on more food.

12. Why are all the pubs still so busy?

13. It’s Tuesday!

14. Is no else one doing Dry Jan this year?!

15. I should have done it in secret.

16. Then I could have a small glass of wine without feeling like a failure in front of everyone else.

17. I haven’t told that many people…

18. Only the entire team at work, my flatmates, my Twitter followers, that guy on the tube…

19. No one will notice a small glass of dry white wine in my hand? Haha. Ha. Haa…

20. Not joking.

21. It’s ok. I’m allowing myself booze on the 21st Jan.

22. It’s thingymamobs’ birthday. And we’re going to BYOC.

23. How can I go to BYOC without bringing anything?!

24. Plus, I’m exchanging it for a sober day in Feb.

25. Because after January, I’m going to need to make up for a whole month of drinking.

26. And I’ll deserve every drop.


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