25 Mr Men And Little Miss For Every London Situation

We all remember Mr Men and Little Miss, and a lot of us have a special affinity with Mr Grumpy (because, you know, London can do that to you). We decided to relate these beloved characters to situations we’ve all found ourselves in while living in London.


1. Getting on the Central line at rush hour…
2. When you’re walking along Oxford Street on a Saturday, weaving your way through the crowds…
[Mr Men Wikia]
3. When people are standing on the left…


[Mr Men Wikia]
4. When you’re trying to run down the escalator because you can hear the tube coming but this guy is in front of you…


5. When you’re running for the bus and very nearly make it but the driver is this guy…


6. When you’re out in Shoreditch on a Saturday night…


7. Sunday…


[Danielle Storey]
8. When you’re stumbling out of Infernos at 2am and could kill for a kebab, even though you went to Nando’s for dinner…


[The Works]
9. You keep blabbing on about how Uber is destroying the careers of all the regular taxi drivers who have been working for years, but when it’s 4am and you’re on the other side of the city, Uber seems like such a good idea. 


10. When you’re wondering why on earth there are buttons to open the doors on the tube when they open automatically…


[General eBooks]
 11. When somebody stops you to ask for directions and you actually know the way…


[Mr Men Wikia]
12. When you’re trying to get off the tube at rush hour and there’s a person stood in the way who just stands there like…


[Sass and Spice]
13. When you skip out of work on a Friday…


[Good Reads]
14. When you’re waiting for the Hammersmith & City line and about 8 different District line trains go past…


15. When there’s a guy on the tube peering over your shoulder trying to read your Evening Standard (or your texts…)


[The Works]
16. When you’ve somehow managed to lose your Oyster card during your two-stop journey on the tube, so you’re kneeling on the floor at the top of the escalator emptying the entire contents of your handbag…


17. When you find yourself tutting because there’s a whole 4 minute wait for the Northern line…


18. When you overhear a tourist talking about Ly-cester Square, and you really want to butt in and be like “sorry but you’re….”


[Engineering Books]
19. When the girl makes the first move on Tinder…


20. When fundraisers try to stop you on the street for “just a minute of your time” and suddenly you’re…


21. When you’re looking at your bank balance and remember that rent is due on Monday…
22. When you’ve had one two many tequilas and you become…


23. When you make a hilarious joke about Cockfosters and think you’re…


24. When you could have chosen from a number of empty seats on the bus but you find yourself stuck with…


25. When you remember that you live in London and actually you’re…



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