24 Things That Will Make Londoners Say “Holy Sh*t, I’m Old”

A lot has happened since the nineties and the naughties. We challenge you to read this without saying “What the F*CK?! I’m SO old” at least twice.


1. Remember when the O2 was The Millennium Dome?
2. A whole 17 years ago. As if it’s been that long since we had our photo taken with E.T…
3. Bridget Jones’s Diary was released in 2001.
4. The same year as Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.
5. That’s 16 years ago.
6. The Lion King debuted at The Lyceum Theatre in 1999.
7. Talking of 1999, people who were born in that year can now legally drink.
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8. Who remembers the uproar when hoodies were banned from shops in 2005?
9. Leona Lewis won The X Factor in 2006.
10. That’s over a decade ago.
11. We’re closer to 2025 than we are 2008.
12. Did anyone else go to Camden just for Cyberdog and cannabis lollipops? Now you go for the great street food market and decent gigs.
13. The London Eye was constructed in 1998.
14. That’s nearly 20 years ago.
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15. The Shard has been part of the iconic London skyline for 4 years.
16. The Gherkin for 13 years.
17. Who remembers the days before selfies and selfie sticks (or before ‘selfie’ was even a word)? We used to have to turn our phones/cameras around and hope for the best…
18. It’s been a decade since the first ever iPhone was released.
19. Who remembers when smoking was allowed in pubs?
20. That was banned 10 years ago.
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21. Deliveroo has already been around for 4 years.
22. Kate and Wills got married 6 years ago.
23. Woolworths shut in 2009.
24. So it’s been years since we last had the iconic Woolies Pick ‘n’ Mix.

Feature Image: John Keogh (Flickr)

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