24 Struggles Every Student In London Will Definitely Understand

Yes yes, most of us have been there. The student life of endless lie ins, pot noodles for breakfast lunch and dinner, wine from a box as a ‘treat’ and accommodation that makes Azkaban look dreamy. Yet when it comes to studying in London, some things are in a whoollee different ball park. ‘Skint’ is no longer an adjective but a state of being; ‘taxi’ transforms into a figment of the imagination; and ‘night out’ translates to ‘expedition’. Would we change it though? NEVER!


1. Student discount means nothing.

2. Nada.

3. Studying in London costs a bomb and no 10% off can change that.

4. Especially as your accommodation budget just about covers enough for your big toe.

5. Not that that stops you from getting legless at the weekends thanks to your new BFFs: ‘prinking’ and the hip flask.

6. Which you’ve tactically learnt to hide down your knickers upon entering an establishment where you have absolutely no intention of buying any drinks.

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7. Except perhaps a lemonade for your Glens.

8. Unless you’ve gone to Mahiki Monday where you know your fresh-faced youthfulness will get you at least 1 free treasure chest to see you through the rest of the night.

9. Until it’s home time.

10. And you realise that you are 4 night buses worth away because you’re a student in London and being a student in London means living on the outskirts in the middle of absolutely fucking nowhere.

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11. Making the 2-hour hike home somewhat inconvenient.

12. But necessary.

13. As spending £6 on 4 buses is just a no no. That’s half a drink.

14. You come to realise that you’re incredibly lucky to be at university in London, as otherwise making, (and more specifically, seeing) friends is a task beyond the bounds of possibility. 

15. Being able to get a black cab is something of a lifetime aspiration.

See, even poor Boris has to drive his own. [City AM]
16. As is going out for dinner somewhere that isn’t Nandos.

17. Even Pret is a push. (“Oh goody, another boiled egg it is for me then.”)

18. You have a slight feeling of smugness knowing that you’re in the city with the most fun things to do.

19. But you’ll never actually see ANY of the things London is famous for. Until your last week in final year.

20. Or when a friend from home comes to visit.

21. Which is always depressing as you realise they are living a life of luxury studying up at Northumbria.

22. But it doesn’t really matter, as you’re a student in London.

23. And London is JUST amazing.

24. Even if it does turn your snot black.


Feature Image Credit: So Cameras

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