There’s Going To Be Another Tube Strike Because Drivers Want A Better Work-Life Balance

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We’re pretty used to tube strikes by now. We no longer react with ‘Oh no?! Really?!’ but ‘Oh FFS, not again.’

This time, tube drivers from the Aslef union have scheduled the 24-hour walk out for October 5th after disputes with the London Underground regarding working conditions. It will likely affect the entire tube network and millions of commuters.

Apparently, since the Night Tube was introduced, the London Underground agreed to allow drivers to reduce their shifts, as a way of improving their work-life balance. But Aslef says that TfL hasn’t kept its end of the bargain, and that their members’ patience has been ‘exhausted’, while TfL claim they’ve been ‘working closely with the unions’ and describe the strike as ‘unnecessary.’

Here’s hoping that both sides can figure something out over the next two weeks. But hey, if not, take a look at this map that shows you how many steps there are between each tube stop. It’s not thaaaat far (and just think of all that extra mileage you’ll be racking up on your Fitbit).

[Photo credit: Tom Page

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