23 Thoughts Every Londoner Has On The First Day Back At Work After A Long Weekend

We’re all familiar with the struggle: you wake up in a daze, your body is accustomed to absolutely not waking up pre-8am. You head to work, forget what it is you actually do for a living and spend the day sulking. We’ve all been there. And the best part? There’s only 2 weeks until it’ll be happening all over again.


1. *Alarm goes off* No it’s okay, I don’t need to get up! I don’t have work today! Rejoice!

2. Shit, no… that was yesterday.

3. Why did the long weekend go so quickly!?

4. God it’s SO early…

5. What time do I need to leave the house? I can’t remember. 

6. Eugh, I forgot how gross the tube was in the morning.

7. I need a very large coffee. Asap. 

8. “Ahhh how was your weekend?!” Ugh, not again.

9. “What did you get up to?!” *Eye roll*

[Victorious Wiki]
10. This day is going soooo slowly.

11. It really feels like a Monday.

12. God, this Tuesday is the worst Monday ever.

13. But thank God it’s not a Monday.  

14. And thank God it’s only a 4 day week.

15. Seriously, get me back to bed. My body isn’t ready for this. 

16. Bring on the weekend.

17. Ugh, this time yesterday I was in bed.

18. Actually I was in bed all day yesterday.

19. Why can’t every day be like yesterday? 

20. Get me a beer.

21. Can I go home yet?

22. Oh fuck… it’s only 11am.

23. *Continues to check the clock every five minutes only to discover that the five minutes you thought had just passed was actually only 30 seconds*


Feature Image: Michael Garnett

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