23 Reasons You’re Reading This On Christmas Day

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck


Oh hi there, friends. Resorted to reading Secret London on Christmas Day, eh? What on earth are you doing? Aren’t you supposed to singing carols merrily around the grand piano? Happily sipping on mulled wine whilst you wow family with your general knowledge over a friendly but (hugely) competitive game of Trivial Pursuit? But you’re not because you’re a social media maniac. An unsociable Scrooge. You’re probably not even wearing your paper hat. Bah-Humbug and all that. So why are you reading this?


1. Because you’ve opened all your presents and Dr Who hasn’t started yet. 

2. Because post-Christmas lunch walks scare you.

3. Because you’re addicted to the internet.

4. Because WW3 just broke out in the kitchen.

5. A.K.A the most epic washing up of 2015. 

25% of the population don’t stick around for the big clean up…we wonder why. [Flora – Daily Mail]
6. (Or just the annual family argument).

7. Because you don’t celebrate Christmas.

8. And see it as a day like any other (with slightly better television).

Awkward. [Imgur]
9. Because you’re a workaholic.

10. (But yet still find yourself on Facebook instead of your emails).

11. Because you’d rather read Secret London than listen to your nan snoring in the front room.

12. Because you ate too much turkey and all you can do is move your fingers.

[Oxford Dictionaries]
13. Because you think Christmas is overrated.

14. Because you were hoping this article was going to shed some insight on something incredible happening in London.

15. And you’re now even more disappointed than you were with your Christmas presents.

16. Because you’re sick on Christmas day (we hope you get better soon)!

17. Because you’re sulking in your bedroom after a family game of Monopoly went too far.

HA! Likely story. [Lambert/Getty Images The Guardian]
18. Because you’re already on the internet trying to work out how to return half the gifts you received.

19. Because it’s the 4pm Christmas slump. 

Family Christmas? [Imgur]
20. Because you just came on to upload a pic of your Christmas lunch and now you’re distracted.

21. Because Christmas is for sharing (Facebook posts). 

22. Because you saw a picture of a cute cat wrapped up like a present and wanted to click on it.

23. Because anything to avoid drunk Aunt Nora. 

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