23 Awkward Problems That Only Londoners Will Be Able To Relate To

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck


Fine. *British people. Because we’re all as awkward as each other. And we’d rather silently burn our tongues on a scalding hot cup of tea than have to actually talk to anyone about it.


1. When everyone gets off the tube and you’re left sitting right next to someone.

2. Making eye contact with someone whilst biting into your sandwich.


3. Morning tea being too hot to drink vs. train leaving in 5 minutes.

4. Breaking into a light jog just to avoid walking side by side with a stranger.

5. Hanging up after 3 rings in case someone answers the phone. 

6. The feeling of despair when you put a kiss at the end of a work email.


7. Using up all your best chat 3 minutes into a trendy haircut in Shoreditch. 

8. Trying to edge past someone on a really narrow street.

9. Eating your meal anyway when the waitress gets your order wrong.

10. Not being able to say “good for you!” without sounding sarcastic. 

11. Letting crisps melt in your mouth because you don’t want to make noise in the office.

12. Ditto Minstrels in the cinema. 

13. The dramatic performance you put on when answering “no” to the “did you get my text” question.

14. Spotting a workmate on the tube and getting off one stop early. 


15. Having to say hello twice because the first one came out as a weird noise.

16. Wanting to help when someone falls over but worrying that touching a stranger will put you in prison.

17. Having to ask for a 5p plastic bag even though you’ve got £5000’s worth under your sink.

18. Not knowing what to do with yourself someone says “make yourself at home”. 


19. Saying no to a cup of tea at work even though you really want one.

20. And then feeling like you can’t go to the kitchen for at least an hour after. 

21. Someone going to use the loo that you’ve just come out of even though you know you only did a wee.

22. Not knowing what to do with your mouth when people laugh at your joke. 

23. Feeling like you want to die when the tube driver aggressively tells people to stop leaning on the doors.

Inspired by Very British Problems. We LOVE them so much we could give them a big kiss on the lips (or an awkward pat on the shoulder). 

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