22 Tweets That Sum Up Our Feelings About The Newly Announced General Election

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It’s happening everyone – a General Election has been announced and it’ll be taking place on June 8th 2017. It came as a shock to all of us but here’s some stages we all went through and thoughts we’ve all shared throughout the day.

1. Safe to say, we’re all a little confused.

2. Hey Barack, over here?

3. Power Rangers are go!

4. “Go in for the kill”

5. Never have we needed a G&T more.

6. She certainly did …

7. We can’t quite believe it either.

8. Oh gosh …

9. Worked the last time right? 

10. Everything’s fine *crying inside*

11. We don’t need to see him in a pub with a pint. We don’t.

12. Oops.

13. Those good ole’ football analogies.

14. Just trying to recover from the Bank Holiday here …

15. “Welcome to the real world” 

16. Quite literally hitting us with this, Theresa.

17. At least #DogsAtPollingStations will be back, yay!

18. Come on Theresa, is it a cake or a biscuit?

19. Happy Hunger Games!

20. About time, right?

21. Easy does it, no harsh movements.

22. And lastly, we’ll leave you with Brenda who summarises today’s events.

Feature Image: Rajan Manickavasagam

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