21 Mundane Moments Londoners Shouldn’t Get Excited By (But Do Anyway)

Annabel Usher Annabel Usher

21 Mundane Moments Londoners Shouldn’t Get Excited By (But Do Anyway)

With replacement bus services, thousands of tourists and paying £5 for a coffee there’s a lot that can get a Londoner down. However, there are a few little moments of ridiculous joy a Londoner experiences from these day-to-day happenings that, to anyone else, may seem underwhelming…


1. When the tube carriage doors align perfectly with where your standing
2. When you find a seat on the tube at rush hour.
3. Or even better… when the tube carriage is strangely empty.
4. When you buy a coffee for under £3.50
5. When you buy a pint for under £5
6. When you buy a street food salad for under £7
7. When the new restaurant opening across the road from you is just a Nandos or a Pizza Express instead of some edgy and extortionately expensive new age pop-up kale boutique
8. Getting freebees at a food market
9. Getting SO many freebees that you don’t even have to buy a meal
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6. When someone asks you for help on the underground and you actually know the directions and can have a pleasant interaction with a stranger
7. Or preferably – When no one tries talking to you on your commute
8. When the barista at your local coffee shop remembers your order
9. When your friend suggests going for dinner at Wagamamas instead of some one day fish brownie festival in Dalston
10. When you manage to get a seat in a crowded pub
11. When you hear someone say ‘excuse me’ but then realise that they weren’t talking to you thus narrowly avoiding having a conversation with a stranger
12. When you manage to sneak away before your round at the pub
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13. When the bar you’re going to is next to a tube station on the night tube thus saving you £4000 on a black cab
14. When there’s no surge on Uber
15. Walking down Oxford Street for at least 60 seconds without having to swerve out of the way
16. Seeing a ‘human statue’ street performer in Covent Garden have to break character to have a go at a tourist
17. Meeting up with a friend who only lives three tube stations away from you
18. When the area you live in is mentioned on TV (it’s just cool okay?!)
19. When you see a nice dog on the tube
20. When there’s only one spot left to drop off your Boris bike… or should it be Sadiq Cycle?
21. When you remember that you live in the coolest city in the world… always a mushy ending.

Feature Image: [edinburghfestival.list]

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