21 Things All Londoners Who Are Shamefully Rubbish With Money Will Know

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21 Things All Londoners Who Are Shamefully Rubbish With Money Will Know

If you haven’t heard us rant about it already, London is a very expensive city. And this doesn’t help when you’re already hopeless at managing your finances. Here are a few things you’ll relate to if you’re not to be trusted with ££££…


1. You refuse to ever check your bank balance because what you don’t know can’t hurt you

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2. Until you can’t help but know because your card gets declined at Sainsbury’s

3. You’ll have mastered the ultimate lie, “Oh that’s so strange, there must be something wrong with your machine” 

4. Even though you know full well that you ran out of money yesterday and you were just hoping for the best

5. After you’ve paid your rent you’ll know that you have approximately 4 days left until you have to start eating beans on toast every night of the week

6. But until then you’ll act like you’re absolutely balling

7. And Deliveroo will become your best friend

8. And Uber, too

9. You’re still not totally cut off from mum and dad

10. So you don’t feel like you’re a proper full-time adult yet

11. You either own a credit card…

12. Or wouldn’t DARE get a credit card

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13. You’ll know that £3 is too much to spend a coffee but you’ll do it anyway because you’re in London and “that’s just how it is” 

14. You’ll tell yourself that “it’s only money”

15. But then you’ll instantly regret it because you’ll realise that you can no longer afford the tube

16. You’ll go to London Cocktail Club for half-price cocktails, but you’ll be drawn in by the bargainous deal and end up buying three times as many as you would without said bargainous deal

17. You either won’t have a Savings account…

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18. Or you’ll have spent your savings on boozy brunches that were *totally* necessary

19. You’ll turn down an invite to Duck and Waffle because you “can’t afford it” but then you’ll spend the evening internet shopping instead

20. Contactless and Paypal payments won’t count as real money to you

21. But you’ll know that it’s all totally worth having minus figures in your account because you live in the best city in the world


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